Handling incoming mail as a medical administrator

Kinds of emails in a medical office

In a medical office, both incoming and outgoing emails are received and send respectively. It is the work of the medical administrator to collect, manage and record all the incoming mails, in a way that enhances efficiency and confidentiality. The incoming mails include routine emails, confidential emails, urgent emails, circulars, advertising materials, magazines, facsimiles, and packages received.

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Incoming mail privacy

Achieving privacy for incoming mails is a responsibility of both the sender and the recipient. The sender should ensure the emails are well enveloped and sealed. The office administrator should put it in a bag upon collection to avoid loss. Confidential emails should be delivered to the relevant employee as soon as possible. For electronic mails, encryption is encouraged.

Handling urgent emails

After collecting the mail, they should be sorted in the office as soon as possible into groups as urgent emails, confidential or personal emails, parcels, routine organizational mails, magazines, and circulars. The urgent emails should be given priority. Once they are sorted they are rubber stamped and recorded in the register for incoming emails. They are then distributed to the relevant employees within the shortest period of time.

Proper distribution of mails

The following system can be created to ensure that emails are distributed properly. After all the emails have been recorded, the urgent emails and faxes should be delivered to the relevant management committee member or employee as soon as possible. After this, the magazines, advertising materials, and circulars should be delivered to the relevant working area for distribution. The rest of the emails and parcels can then be delivered to the relevant working area. The emails should be distributed to the appropriate employees without confusion to avoid late delivery and achieve privacy.


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