Green Tea Protects Brain Cells

Health and Nutrition Letter published an article titled “Green Tea Protects Brain Cells.” Tufts University released the study in June 2013, and it is focused on scientific evidence gathered through university students’ studies. Green tea, according to the report, is beneficial in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Furthermore, some fatty acids and vitamins improve cognitive function. Green tea also enhances activity in the brain’s dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is essential for working memory processing. As a result of the addition of green tea, brain activity increased even further. In addition, the paper addresses a study involving white mice regarding protecting plasticity. The activities of cells associated with neurogenesis increased notably due to treatment with EGCG found in green tea. The performance of mice improved noticeably after an injection with EGCG which signifies enhanced spatial cognition. Moreover, green tea contributes towards preventing Alzheimer’s disease. That is, extract from green tea prevents the formation of amyloid plaques which cause Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, research conducted by the University of Michigan and multidisciplinary researchers from the field of science found that compound contained in green tea hindered the production of amyloid aggregates.

In my opinion, despite the important findings of the research, different techniques and approaches used to conduct the research could have resulted to biased and inaccurate results.

Work Cited

Tufts University. (2013).“Green Tea Protects Brain Cells.” Health and Nutrition Letter, June, 2013, 7.

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