Great Speech: John F. Kennedy “Inaugural Address”

The speaker is John F. Kennedy the 35th elected president of the United States of America addressing the audience at his inauguration ceremony (CBS, 2011). The public address took place in Washington D.C attended by a huge number of America citizens, the speech which lasted for approximately 15 minutes passed a powerful message to motivate and strengthen the public.

All that learners, politicians and scholars need to know about the speaker; he was the 35th president of the United States who succeeded Eisenhower, D. Dwight in 1961. The speech was an essential element of the elected president as one way of expressing his vision and dreams to the country during his reign. The speech delivered by J.F Kennedy is relevant to date as this reminds the current president of the United States of the ambitions the former president had to the citizens. The primary audience for this speech constituted the Vice President, President Truman, the Speaker, Chief Justice, outgoing President Eisenhower, Reverend Clergy, Vice President Nixon and citizens of the US. However, the secondary audience who listened to the speech comprised citizens and non-citizens who tuned into NBC and CBS which broadcasted the whole inauguration ceremony of J.F Kennedy. Besides, those individuals who have watched the recorded speech through online means like myself.

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The structure of the speech was a special occasion kind delivered in front of millions of citizens who attended the event. The speech itself had an introduction as the speaker mentioned several distinguished guests before commencing the commemoration. Additionally, the Chief Justice Earl Warren who administered the swearing ceremony introduced the elected president. The speaker introduced his speech with a strong emphasis on the celebration of freedom sending a wave of excitement and anticipation among the witnesses including myself. The power of the first statement seems to have acquired the attention of everyone. The speaker provides a remarkable conclusion statement by using the word “Finally” to make his audience understand that he is coming to an end in his speech.



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