“Governments Exist To Support the Rights of Men” Declaration of Independence

The sentence which I find most compelling for Americans today is the first sentence of paragraph three of the Declaration of Independence which states that “Governments exist to support the rights of men” (Jefferson). The phrase does not only revolve around politics but all spheres of life such as social and economic lives of the people. The citizens of the United States want a promise of a government which will take care of their needs, ensure the protection of every citizen despite their race and creates a safe environment where every person will live protected and safe from any harm that may come to them. Each American has the right to vote for the government which they feel that it will support their rights as men and ensure their safety and same time create an environment where each individual will thrive. The existence of the governments is only through the power of the people being represented.

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There are representatives chosen by the citizens to make sure that the government is accomplishing its tasks on ensuring that all the rights of human beings are guaranteed. When the government does not accomplish its main duty and does not involve the Americans in all the plans it makes, the citizens have the right to change the government and bring another to power, that which will ensure their safety and upholding of their rights. Overthrowing the authorities cannot be conducted for trivial reasons. However, when the government only concentrates on their operations, it is the duty of the citizens to overthrow it.

America is known to be a diverse nation where various races reside and they are legal citizens. The government should ensure that the rights of all these races are maintained. According to the Declaration of Independence document, the truth of unalienable rights is states, where all men are considered equal and have certain rights, should be protected (Jayne 23). The government does not have the right to take away these rights which are right to life, the pursuit of happiness and liberty. The Declaration of Independence did not only mean having a free nation, but also freeing all the slaves and treating all the races equally in the free land. All the rights were unified, and each person had the right to choose the government which they felt that it would be in control of all activities.

The citizens should be able to practice and developmental activities such as business and transactions through the support of the government. It will not only be beneficial to the individuals but to the nation as well. The government should be supportive by encouraging international investors who will contribute to the welfare of the nation and its citizens. It should also create a peaceful environment which will encourage social interactions as they are known to promote peace. Thus, it is the duty of the government to educate the citizens of their rights so that they are aware of what they should enjoy and the violations that might happen and how to deal with it (Jefferson).

In conclusion, the government plays a critical role in upholding and maintaining the rights of the citizens. When it is acting contrary to the citizens’ expectation, it can be overthrown. A responsible government can be elected and sworn to serve the people of America.


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