Google’s Organizational Structure

Different organizations have varied structures, depending on the company’s objectives. The manner in which an organization is structured influences its operations and performance. Compared to other technology companies, Google has a unique way of running things (Geis 115). The company has an organization chart that entails the governance of cooperating values and has a specific way of managing innovations.

Google’s company organization is significant to the authority and the employees because its terms of governance are effective and considerate of the latter. Girard explains that decades after Page and Brin founded Google, the company remains one of the most productive and revolutionary enterprises in the world (7). The company’s organization has been arranged in a functional manner, which ensures it remains on top of its business. Moreover, its organization has powered the enterprise to change the world in regard to the Internet searching (Girard 9). The company has outstanding organizational objectives since it ensures that shareholders hold 80% control of the business, which encourages risk-taking, while, in most cases, companies avoid risks as much as possible to steer clear from unforeseen losses.

Secondly, the values of Google as an enterprise are vigorously and distinctively structured. In fact, Page and Brin decided that reputation was the best way to measure Google’s quality and relevance (Girard 15). The company aims at showing its characteristic values to its clients. For example, Google appreciates its customers, as the client-oriented values of the company are founded on trust. Google does not manipulate or deceive their clients by making mistakes like altering ranks during searches. Additionally, Google remains an exciting company that ensures their customers remain dedicated to their services (Girard 21).

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Lastly, the ways in which innovations are managed ensure that Google remains strong as a company. According to Great Speculations Contributor Group, it has continuously shown the ability to make a difference in the technology industry. For instance, engineers at Google are given 20% of their time to work on personal projects, which makes them feel less pressured, in turn, boosting their productivity. Moreover, engineers are grouped in teams of three to four people, which is another facilitating factor. Therefore, it can be deduced that the organization ensures productivity mainly because all ideas of the group members are respected. Lastly, Great Speculations Contributor Group asserts that the stock reports of Google have been exhibiting a healthy and steady run throughout the years. All things considered, the success is accredited to the way in which Google is organized, confirming that the latter is more of a strength than a liability.

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