The frozen movie is one of the best videos as it represents a lot of moral values that can impart knowledge to people. The film has catchy songs, heartwarming scenes, and tales that make the viewers smile. The movie is also suitable for a wide range of people, including religion, races, culture, and age, thereby making it a favorite family movie. There are a lot of essential life lessons that viewers learn from the film, including the importance of family, the importance of teamwork, the need for being a skeptic, and the need to dream big.

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Frozen is about Anna and Elsa, who are princesses from the Arendelle Kingdom. Elsa was gifted with the power of ice, which allowed her to freeze and make snow with the power she possessed. One day as the two sisters were playing, she hit Anna, and from then on, she became terrified of using the powers. The incident also made her parents perceive Ela’s gift as dangerous and therefore hid her in a room where she could have contact with no one. By isolating her, his father purposed to help Elsa conceal her powers, but her fear intensifies. On Elsa’s coronation day, she froze the whole kingdom accidentally after arguing with her sister over Prince Hanz, who intended to marry Anna and ran away. Her sister Anna searched for her, but she refused to return to the kingdom and accidentally froze Anna in her heart. Anna’s heart could only be cured by an act of true love. Prince Hanz plans to kill both Anna and Elsa to inherit the kingdom is revealed. Elsa shows up and prevents Anna from turning to ice and realized that they are the ones who shared true love for each other (Walt Disney Animation Studios).

Lessons to the Viewer

Importance of Family

Disney film runs on the theme of family importance. The relationship between Elsa and Anna clearly emphasized family love. When the two sisters were isolated, Anna hoped for an opportunity to be with her sister once more. After Anna lost all the memories of her sister Elsa, she longed to build a relationship with her even more. When Elsa escaped after freezing the kingdom, Anna pursued her to apologize for making her angry. Anna knew it would be a challenge to get to her, but out of love for her sister, she was prepared to do it at all costs. Each of the two sisters would stop at nothing to protect one another. For example, Elsa denied Anna and Prince Hanz her blessings, for she feared that the two did not take time to know each other, and Anna protected Elsa from being struck with a sword by prince Hanz. The movie teaches the audience that family one of the most important institutions that people should strive to protect.


The movie illustrates that ‘no man is an island,’ and people should therefore strive to help one another. In the film, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf all needed to accomplish what everyone wanted. Anna wanted to save Elsa, Kristoff needed assistance with his ice business, and Olaf wanted a nose to be a legitimate snowman. In all of the tasks, no one could have realized their desires alone. The characters of frozen helped one another to restore Arendelle, and in the end, all the characters benefited. The movie therefore imparts a vital life lesson that asking for help doesn’t mean that someone is weak but rather an appreciation of the fact that teamwork can help in accomplishing more desirable goals.

Need for Being a Skeptic

Frozen expounds on the saying never judge a book by its cover. When Anna met prince Hanz, she immediately fell in love, ignorant of the fact that Hanz had targeted her to infiltrate and conquer the Arendelle kingdom. By telling Anna, “You can’t marry a man you just met” (Walt Disney Animation Studios), Elsa meant that she should take time to know Prince Hanz. The movie therefore informs the audience that when one meets someone for the first time, it is not wise to take everything they say seriously, especially when it is too good to be true. The movie therefore cautions the audience to be skeptical to avoid getting into trouble as Anna did by trusting Prince Hanz

Dreaming big

The video teaches that all dreams are valid. Olaf, who was made of ice, had a vision of enjoying summer even though it was apparent that he would melt. When he was informed that Anna was in search of Elsa to bring back summer, he said, “I always love the idea of summer and sun….” (Walt Disney Animation Studios), He was never bothered and believed there was a way he could achieve his dream. The audience therefore is encouraged by Olaf that the things that are seen as impossible are possible for people who take risks. The movie presents a vital life lesson that people should never give up because others do not believe in their dreams.


Frozen is an amazing, meaningful, praiseworthy, and relevant movie to viewers because it is suitable for a wide range of audiences. The music used in the film makes it captivating and thus engaging. Frozen fits into several themes that are important in real life, making it very relevant. The themes include love, family, teamwork, among others that are fundamental for human existence.


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