Loneliness is a human emotion that affects each and every person at some point in life. Loneliness is more of a state of mind rather than being alone. A person can feel alone when in the company of others, and the biggest problem is that most individuals have the perception of being alone and isolated, making the problem bigger. Loneliness is associated with emptiness, feeling of being unloved by friends and family, and feeling of being unwanted by people. In the current age of technology and social media, loneliness is becoming a public health issue. Most social interaction occurs via social media, and there are no opportunities to create real friendships and form long lasting relationships. Researchers point out that loneliness leads to adverse health effects such as drug abuse, depression, more stress, antisocial behavior, and increases the risk of death by 26%.

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Humans are by nature social beings, and social relationships are vital for their survival. Therefore, friendship is essential for a person to live a fulfilling life and meet many challenges of life. From a very young age, children need friends, and research has shown that children who are lonely and isolated develop antisocial behavior and psychopathy tendencies. In the modern world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to form social relationships, and people are getting depressed with life. People are too busy with their lives, and the opportunities for social contact are becoming limited. Therefore, it is important to realize that social contact and friendship are critical for an individual to live a full, happy life.