Frankenstein Novel Discussion

Creation of Scene in Frankenstein Novel

The gothic nature of the first ten chapters presented by Shelly has been fundamental in creation of the scene. Shelly explores the gothic traditions that were established in 1818, and the setting of these traditions portrays a classic genre of Gothics. Evidently, the coffins, candles, and the nights of dreary paints a gothic nature. Besides, the author utilizes archaic language such as “grave-worms” and “convulsed” which provides the audience with the classical gothic feeling which creates the scene. The archaic language also draws graphic imagery typical for a classical gothic genre. The places that are viewed to be mysterious to the audience give the novel the gothic setting. The novel opens a significant sense of the physical setting which establishes the nature of the environment that mirrors the gothic nature. For example, Victor gives a gothic description of the Orkneys landscape, which magnificently creates the scene of the novel.

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Romanticism Elements in Frankenstein Novel

In the first ten chapters, particularly in chapters seven and eight, an element of gods that characterizes the romantic era is evident. Victor plays the role of God creating a monster that is not natural, and this ends up murdering his brother. Besides, another important element is the advancement of science and technology. The creation of the monster emanates from the developments of science and medicine, giving the creatures a means of life. In reference to dark romanticism, the first ten chapters are prone to sinful acts, particularly when Victor’s series of actions culminated into destruction of his life and family. An element of misplaced intelligence is portrayed in Victor and his natural world, along with that of his family, becomes dark and mysterious as they are surrounded by death. Romanticism environmental nature has also played an important role in the novel, branding it as a true depiction of the romantic era. Victor describes the nature of Swiss hills as being covered with verdant lines and blue lakes that are a true reflection of the sky. The described nature gives the novel a feeling of Romanticism. The instances of emotions outweighing rationality and primitivism are other elements of Romanticism evident in the novel.