Fast Food for Young Children

Recently, people have been concerned about what they eat, but the headline that children are suing one of the fast-food firms for making them fat takes the issue to another level. The headline is one of the most controversial due to the fact that people have a personal responsibility of choosing what they eat. The kids are taking on McDonald’s.

To most youth today, their tastes do not change, and their diet as well does not change, making some of them obese for the rest of their lives due to their addiction to fast food. There are many eye-opening articles and books that highlight a healthy lifestyle, for example, New York Times Magazine articles such as “Men’s Health”, “Eat This, Not that”. In his articles and books, David Zinczenko wrote how to boost health by choosing the best meals not only for kids but also adults. He has contributed to many health platforms, magazines, and books. His idea throughout his articles and books was that people should wisely choose what is healthy to ingest. Another researcher explains that when he was young, he depended on fast food due to the fact that his mother was not around due to working for long hours. He depended on junk food which made him gain incredible weight. Luckily, he joined Navy Reserve College and got involved in a health magazine that taught him a lot concerning healthy diet (Poti et al. 169).

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Before the year 1994, the majority of cases of diabetes were caused by genetic disorders, and about five percent of health cases in children were obesity-related. However, in the current times, type 2 diabetes has increased incredibly and reached about 30 percent, fast foods are claimed to be associated with the alarming rates of health deterioration. The cost of treating disorders related to obesity and diabetes has increased incredibly and has changed from about 2.6 billion dollars to about 100 billion dollars in the current times (Zhang 123). One of the things that are thought to contribute to high levels of diabetes and other diet-related diseases are consumption of fast foods. Today in America, many people consume a lot of fast food, and it accounts for at least two meals that they eat daily. There are many McDonald’s restaurants, and one would not miss finding one at every corner in town.

However, many people in contemporary times lack information on the kind of meals with their calorie charts. There are no rules and regulations enacted by authorities in order to enable the sellers of fast foods to label their foods. It takes little time to realize that a one fast food meal has more than 1000 calories, excluding the calories you intake through coke; which is more than twice the amount that is recommended by the government. Many fast-food chains sold products with high amounts of calories that are not labelled, which increases the risk of getting diet-related diseases.


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