Evaluation Essay on the Movie Titanic

Impressive how Titanic has been able to remain so relevant and acclaimed through the years, a factor that shows the richness of the plot and the perfect execution by creator James Cameron. The integration of this beautiful, fast romance story in the midst of a thrilling horrible event where there was loss of lives was a genius method. The kind of emotions evoked from watching Titanic can make someone sick with adrenaline. The uncertainty of whether or not they will survive or all die. Wondering if the main Characters Rose and Jack were going to make it out the ship and continue with their steamy love affair, was she going to defy her family and arranged romance to Cal portrayed by Billy Zane, and stay in Jacks’ arms. All this came off in such a captivating manner with amazing picture quality and the classic feel of old-fashioned sophistication.  The boogie Characters of the affluent people in society and how they relate to each other and also with the less fortunate like Jack who found himself in a romantic affair with one of their own (Cameron, 1997). Kate Winslet portrays the character Rose as one of the main characters and love interest to Jack portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. In this evaluation, we shall be having an in-depth look at the character of Rose in the Movie Titanic.

The Character of Rose Di Witt is a window into the elites lives and the extents they would go to maintain their status and lifestyles (Cameron, 1997). Rose and her mother Ruth Portrayed by Frances Fisher had just lost the head of their home, and with her father dead they were left with nothing. The thought of not being able to have the life of luxury they were used to was unfathomable to Ruth, and this led her to arrange a marriage for her daughter with one of the elite’s sons who was about to inherit a fortune. In the year of the infamous Titanic maiden voyage, Rose was just seventeen and already engaged to Cal as they boarded the ship. It was evident that as much as Cal looked refined and tasteful there was something dark in his character, and Rose had already seen it. Their chemistry was off and a bit forced on rose’s end, her heart was not there, and it translated in how she related with Cal. She did not want to disappoint her mother even though she knew marrying Cal would be a great mistake and a burden she was not willing to bear for the rest of her life.

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Frustrated by the monotony and repetitiveness of her life with lack of choice she decides to commit suicide and end her misery once and for all by throwing herself overboard. In this state, she meets Jack who convinces her not to jump overboard and saves her life. Rose slips and finds herself dangerously hanging on the deck, and Jack swiftly catches her, and they fall, the screams that came from her alerted passengers and on coming to see what happened Cal being one of the witnesses threatens to arrest Jack on rape speculations. Rose explains that Jack saved her from falling into the oceans while looking at the propellers and this earns Jack a sit at the first class dining table from Cal later on that evening for dinner.

The character Rose fell for Jack from that dinner, and the following day she went to search for him. Finding him at the boat deck where they talked endlessly about their lives and Jack showed her how to spit “correctly” on the ship side until Ruth found them and took Rose with her. Jack was a free spirit, alive, enthusiastic, and young. These characters appealed to Rose for she was also a free spirit and steadfast in the way she wanted to live her life. Rose was a rebel on her own, and that is what drew her to Jack, there were no rules with him, and he was as unconventional and fearless as she was. That night after dinner Jack gave Rose a note to meet him at the clock, and she did, not knowing that Cal’s servant was watching them all though their escapade. Rose was warned never to see Jack again, she considered it and even ignored Jack when he tried to talk to her while covered in a strangers coat but later on she realized she was sacrificing her happiness only for selfish people that are her mother and her cruel fiancé.

Jack being an artist makes a sketch of Rose, nude, with only a necklace of the fabled heart of the ocean given to her by her fiancé. She felt free with Jack and happy, this is what she was looking for, romance and love and not some strained relationship. They later went into a Renault traveling car and made love and promise each other to be together once the ship docked. At that moment the ship hit something hard (Wilson, 2012) and began gradually sinking. The two return later on at 11:30 Pm to warn Cal and Ruth of the ship having collided with an iceberg but this proved to be a bad decision for at this point Cal asked Jack to be searched for stealing the heart of the ocean. The Jewelry is in the pockets of the Jacket, and Jack is locked up by Cal’s servants although they had framed him because of his affair with Rose.

Rose showed that she was fearless in fighting for her love and what she wanted, regardless of how others thought (Overbeck, Belmas, & Shepard, 2015). As the ship sank Rose went looking for her love and found him chained in a flooded room, she took an ax and freed him, even in the midst of rushing waters that were flooding the room (Cameron, 1997). They go out in search of a lifeboat and protocol was that women and children were going in the life boat first even though convinced to board by both Cal and Jack, Rose still jumped off the boat to stay with her love, Jack. Rose portrayed bravery when she was ready to face the bullet for the sake of Jack as Cal chased them with a handgun in the wrecking ship. She stayed by Jack’s side to his death. Rose lived to tell about her love affair and how she hid when Cal looked for her later after the shipwreck and Jack’s death, just showing how much she did not care to be with him.

The character of Rose DeWitt portrays strength and courage in fighting for what she believes in as Cameron depicted it (Cameron, 1997). Rose stood up for herself against her jealous fiancé and selfish mother. As a woman, Rose showed that her value was not in her status quo but in the quality of her life and how happy she was by choosing Jack over Cal and his fortune.



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