Equifax is a savings reporting agency where hackers managed to identify the vulnerability hole to the organization hence gaining access to most integral information about American consumers. Some of the information the hackers managed to gain get admission to was social security numbers, names, addresses of the clients, and their birth dates. Identity theft is one of the assaults facing most organization operating on an on line platform. As the technology of implementing new security measures is advancing, the malicious and nameless hackers are also obtaining new techniques for compromising the protection of a system. Equifax experiences data breach due to poor integration of security measures in their system. Every business aims to continue running smoothly and therefore attacking the system of any organization undermines daily operations thus unable to face competition.

Security measures

Cybersecurity is essential in any operation of the business dealing with sensitive data about their customers and operations. Customers develop trust with the organization if they are sure their personal information is secure. Equifax breach led to many customers losing trust with the organization which is an issue undermining the expected output. Security measures are crucial in ensuring the security of data and in return helping to the organization to progress smoothly. A good security measure takes into account security in the design and architecture stage of the system thus bridging all the vulnerabilities of attack (Kumar et al. 328). The organization requires performing regular audits and logs to the system to ensure there are no vulnerabilities of attack. Advancement of technology provides a system that can manage to detect an attack, prevent, and recover from the damage caused. Therefore, Equifax requires investing in security measures to prevent such attack happening in future hence promote data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

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