Equality and Fake News

Racial discrimination has been one of the most debated and contentious issues across the globe since time memorial. Racial profiling has been a historical practice in the united states of America. However, for a long time, the media has hidden racial discrimination stories and declared them as false. Despite the hidden nature of racial profiling, prominent historical figures (either in their actions and speeches) and documents offer proof of how this racial profiling was unjust. This paper connects various historical figures’ speeches and documents to argue that racial profiling was the highest form of injustice to the black Americans in the united states of America and that the press provided fake news to lurk this practice.

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President Thomas Jefferson sexually used black American women and denied responsibility for the kids they bore. In his article ‘The President Again,’ James Callender notes that “by the wench, sally, and our president has had several children” (10). Sally Heming was a young black slave owned by president Jefferson, and there were rumors that the two had an intimate relationship. Jordan notes that Jefferson fathered one or perhaps all the children that Heming had. Asserting this, James Callender notes that Sally called her youngest son Tom and that the son had a sable resemblance to those of the president (Callender 1). Jordan notes that these features were enough to fuel the rumors. However, Jefferson denied the claims even after the DNA result. As a white, he did not want to be associated publicly with a black slave. In fact, in reacting to the results, it is noted that “test results only prove that a Jefferson fathered the last of Sally Hemings’s children, not that Thomas Jefferson himself was the father” (Jordan 1). However, the report writers were keen to note that the evidence proving Thomas Jefferson ‘s paternity was overwhelming.

Madison constitution contradicted the Independence Declaration. Madison constitution had some rights and freedom of human beings. At the independence declaration, on 4th July 1776 Jefferson noted that all men were created equal and they are given unalienable rights by their creator (Jefferson 1). These rights include the pursuit of freedom, freedom of liberty and right to life. However, the statement existed in theory, but practically it was different. The institution of slavery of the black people survived on taking away the freedom of liberty, movement, speech, and pursuit of happiness for the black people. The declaration is therefore contradictory since slavery ended several years later in 1865. In his speech on February 14, 1965, 188 years after the declaration, Malcolm X noted that “this is a society whose government does not hesitate to inflict the most brutal form of punishment and oppression on dark-skinned people all over the world” (Malcolm 1). If actually, the declaration was practiced then Malcolm X would have never said this. This implies that before the eyes of the whites, black people’s lives did not matter. Jefferson in his declaration implied white men. This is because even after the declaration slavery continued thus taking away the rights of the dark-skinned people. The government became destructive of the unalienable rights, yet it would not be abolished since the blacks did not have voting rights and a majority in the government.

Equality has never been equal when it comes to African Americans and the white American community. The press would always make African Americans look like criminals and the people harming the whites. The whites were depicted as victims, yet they were the ones inflicting pain and harm to the blacks. In his speech, Malcolm X notes that “the press is designed in a manner that it gives sympathy to the white people before the public. The press is used to impasse on the white hostages being held; they do not say, a nun; they say white nun” (Malcolm 1). This raises the question if there is a difference between a white nun and a black nun. Are they not all nuns? What makes the whites nuns or fathers or travelers more human than others? The emphasize indicates how the press presents the whites as more human as compared to their black counterparts.

The historical documents and speeches above are connected as far as slavery, and its elements are concerned. The article ‘The President Again’ indicates that President Jefferson used the dark-skinned women for his equal pressures. He is the father of one or more of Sally’s children. However, in the report by Jordan, he denied paternity of the children they bore and says that a Jefferson fathered the kids, but it is not necessarily the president. Through his acts, he took away the pursuit of happiness that is advocated for in the ‘Independence Declaration.’ In the Independence Declaration it is noted that all people are born equal, with the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, it is clear that this did not end slavery which survived on violation of these rights. This is evident in Malcolm X’s Speech in 1965 where he illustrates how the government oppresses the dark-skinned people across the world and how the press used to portray the whites as victims and the blacks as criminals. In a way, these documents in their interconnection show that the press has hidden racial profiling in America for a long time. The USA’s regulations on human rights only exist in papers but never applied to the dark-skinned people.

In conclusion, therefore, racial profiling in the united states of America is not a new aspect. It is a practice that existed since the 16th century. However, while this is the case, the media in America has always hidden the reality of racial profiling from the public. Nevertheless, the historical documents and speeches or historical figures serve as proof of the unjust nature of racial profiling against black Americans. The articles; The President Again, Jordan Report, Independence Declaration, and Malcolm X ’s speech when connected explain the racial profiling more deeply and broadly than imagined. In this article, it is apparent that the dark-skinned people were never allowed their rights of liberty, the pursuit of happiness and even life. This was the case despite the idea that the independence declaration noted that all people were born equal. Men in America only implied white men. Slavery continued even after the declaration evident in the claims raised by Malcolm X in his 1994 speech. The media is also used to portray the whites as a victim while the blacks are regarded as criminals. In a nutshell, racial profiling was very unjust to the blacks, and the media through its fake news condoned the practice.


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