Enterprise Collaboration Systems

An enterprise collaboration system constitutes an information system that is employed to oversee the sharing of documents and information between different stakeholders in a given enterprise. Some of the challenges that are faced by enterprises in the development and implementation of the system include operational challenges such as an absence of specified project goal, an unavailability of processes, overload, and the missing alignment of structures (Greeven & Williams, 2016). Technology is use challenges include a lack of adequate amount of content, negated competence, the lack of awareness on the existence of the system and the misuse of ECS by the employees. Some of the cultural obstacles include a lack of initiative and commitment from the managers who may not be in support of the adoption of the system (Greeven & Williams, 2016). Similarly, conservative institutional values hamper the adoption of ECS in a given company. Lastly, benefits challenges on the ECS initiatives include the perceived cost of the ECS, perceptions which reinforce the abuse of privacy when ECS is employed, lack of employee recognition from their editing efforts, and a sense of loss of influence which results from the sharing of personal information on the platform.

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In order to fully address these challenges, it is necessary for the involved organization to determine clear objectives and structures of the ECS to encourage participation from the employees. It is also of utmost importance that the employees are trained on how to fully utilize the platforms to enhance the efficiency of their efforts (Markovski, Koceska, & Koceski, 2013). The system also needs to be introduced gradually to enhance its appropriateness in a given organization’s value system. Lastly, there Is need for the creation of policies that prioritize the use of the system above the outdated systems that were initially engaged in the organization (Markovski, Koceska, & Koceski, 2013).



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