End of the Gun Epidemic in America

Summary of The New York Times Editorial Board’s “End the Gun Epidemic in America.”

The New York Times article undertakes an evaluation of the Gun epidemic in America by explicating on the policies and leadership issues within the country. The text introduces the gun problem by addressing the death cases in different states such as California, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Connecticut. The author argues that bad leadership and ineffective policies are among the leading causes of gun violence contrary to their directive for laws to safeguard the interests of the Americans. Political and financial greed are the main reasons for upholding unfavorable laws as the leaders seek to profit from the gun business. The article is explicit on leadership hypocrisy as it argues that the leaders appear remorseful toward the gun violence victims while at the same time allow the business to thrive. They underpin the gun violence problem by referring to the atrocities as acts of terrorism, which is an understatement considering that it is within their reach to control and curb. Compared to other countries like France, England and Norway, America has failed to set effective regulations capable of dealing with such challenges. According to the article, politicians in America would risk anything if it meant that they could keep their jobs. The author argues that important measures should be implemented instead of constant deliberation on the powers of the Second Amendment since all laws can be regulated within reason. He concludes by positing that the government has the role of determining the kind of guns civilians may carry around and the ones that should be restricted and outlawed. The article posits that the politicians must address the issue within their candidature to run for the next American president position.

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