Donald Trump’s Speech

The speech that shall be analyzed for this paper is the speech Donald Trump gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, February 24, 2017 (Golshan n.p). This speech characterized the presidential campaign speeches as it was a freewheeling speech punctuated with acknowledging and touting his presidential victory, swinging at his former opponent, Hilary Clinton, touching on the “mess” he inherited from his predecessor, Barack Obama, and expressing his distaste for the media.

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Audience Tailoring

Then, the president tailored his speech to the audience by expressing his distaste openly for aspects and matters that the conservative had an issue with. For example, his distaste for the media, which rhymes with the conservative’s disapproval for the bold nature of the media houses in presenting sexuality and adverse values to the younger generation. Additionally, the president showed support and appreciation to his target audience by genuinely expressing his affection for them in the opening sentence of his speech. He says how much he loves them and mentions Matt Schlapp’s (their chairman) name in appreciation. Last but not least, he criticizes Obama’s care, which is more of a socialist concept than a capitalist one and resonates with the conservatives who would like America to a dominantly capitalistic state. In a nutshell, in his speech, Donald Trump identified with his audience in terms of values and positions.

Failure to Adapt To the Audience

The president made the speech much about himself, his victories, and his distaste for the media. As much as these aspects may have resonated with the audience, they were equally out of place. An audience often wants to hear ideas and not personal experiences, unless the experiences clearly major on that idea and not simply whining. The president delineated little tone for real ideas or made them get swallowed up in his personal remarks that dominated the speech. As a matter of fact, he did not mention much about what he would do for the party, with the party or about his ranting; he was addressing the past much like narrating his past life events to the audience (Ford-Brown and Kindersley n.p).


The audience for this speech was individuals who believe in conservative practices rather than liberal ones. This audience is largely comprised of adults, who are mostly above 55 years old. However, there are some variegated patches of other age brackets, as can be seen by a quick analysis of the YouTube video of the speech (Times).


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