Diversity in History

In what ways does looking through the history lens enhance your understanding of diversity?

It is hard to examine the historical profession or American life without experiencing evidence for diversifying – its prospects, current status, and history. In institutes, workplace, and affiliations like the American Nurses Association (ANA), diversity has turned into shorthand for assuring that investment satisfactorily mirrors the heterogeneous cosmetics of our general public, particularly concerning gender and race. The ANA has various principles to guarantee that its programs sufficiently reflect the diversity in this nursing field. It is an adage that the current research takes more perception than in the past diversity of historical experiences.

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Consider a current event in the news that has a historical counterpart. How does looking through the history lens influence how you perceive both the current and historical events?

One of the current historical developments in the US is the tornadoes that have killed three individuals in Oklahoma. Deadly storms tore over Oklahoma and neighboring states, leading to annihilating floods (Rathbun & Mitchele, 2019). The Oklahoma City metro region and its southern suburbia of Moore have a long historical background of dangerous, fatal tornadoes in the past 20 years. During the 1970s, news and magazine articles cited the incidents of Oklahoma City metro being struck by tornadoes.

How does analyzing the relationship between history, culture, and diversity influence nursing?

Culture changes both through cognizant exertion, education, and experiences and by spontaneous luck and history. Contemporary American culture is concerned with the problem of political rightness, and the ramifications for causing a mistake in action or speech. It is easier for people to teach or transfer what they were educated in the manners in which they know than to venture out into the new. In nursing, this might have brought diversity in the context of conventional nursing practices and modern nursing practices. In the current society, technology drives most of providing services, especially in healthcare. Therefore, a comprehension of nursing’s skillful culture incorporating convictions, values, and common ways to deal with the science and craft of both nursing practice and nursing teaching is significant.



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