Cyber Crime in the News

Cybercrime and Computer Forensic

Cybercrime is any type of criminal offence that engages a network or computer. In most cases, a computer is either target of an attack or could be used to participate in crime (Johnson, 2016). Cybercrime is normally used to acquire confidential and private information of different organization or person. Computer forensic concentrates on finding information or data after a crime have taken place (Johnson, 2016). It determines how the incident took place.

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News Article: Data Breach in Australian Medicare

One of the recent cases of cybercrime occurred when confidential data belonging to Medicare was exposed to the public since October 2016. The incident involved a darknet vendor who could access the Medicare card information of any Australia (Farrell, 2017). The culprit could also sell them to persons who requested for it. Preliminary investigations suggested that personal details belonging to more than 75 Australian had been sold to interested persons (Farrell, 2017). The government through the minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge confirmed the case. It also agreed that the department was not aware that such crucial information was being sold to unauthorized parties. He also noted that the ministry had contacted persons who hand suffered from this cybercrime. Various stakeholders include privacy activism groups has questioned the government’s commitment to safeguard sensitive data of the people (Farrell, 2017).

Security System

The darkweb that attacked the system had used certain credentials to enter into the Medicare details. Since the threat of cybercrime is evident, the organization should patch firewalls regularly in order to sustain the security of the system (Farrell, 2017). In addition, it should ensure that firmware is constantly updated as well as establishing very robust passwords. Furthermore, it should alter the password to it Internet router on a regular basis (Johnson, 2016). Finally, it should ensure that all employees utilizing their own devices have installed anti-virus software and turn on firewalls.



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