Corporate and Social Responsibility in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Urbane and Gallant Company

Corporate social responsibility refers to the various ways in which a business contributes to the well-being of the community around it by providing benefits that are sustainable. These benefits could be social, economic, environmental, or even financial. Such benefits go directly to the stakeholders of the business, therefore, nurturing the sense of belonging and responsibility to the stakeholders and the company respectively.

The company under study is the Urbane and Gallant Company Ltd which qualifies as a B Corporation. The term “B Corporation” refers to a company or business that is geared towards making profits just like any other business although it goes ahead to ensure that it performs all the social, environmental, and economic responsibilities to all its stakeholders and the community. These organizations or companies are normally subjected to thorough scrutiny and checks by the B Lab to ensure that all the above qualifications are met and that they are also very transparent and accountable for all their actions. They also have to be making a positive impact on the surrounding community and the workers within the company (“What Are B Corps? | B Corporation”).

Urbane and Gallant Company Limited is a fashion and design company that deals in the design, creation, and production of tailored suits for gentlemen. It specifically focuses on men’s clothing such as vests, pants, jackets, pocket squares, and overcoats.

Urbane and Gallant became a B Corporation in the year 2015 after a thorough and rigorous exercise conducted by the B Lab. The B Lab is an organization that is not concerned with profit-making and has been engaged in the evaluation of all the impacts that companies have on the community, workers, and the environment. This assessment was being done on the Urbane and Gallant Company since the year 2013 and comparisons were made with other social enterprises in the same category. The founders of this company came together in 2012 and came up with the idea of creating company that provides all manner of menswear and also ensures that it contributes positively to their lives and those of the community members. These three individuals, Andrew M. Park, Kyle Negrete, and Vina Lee, came from different backgrounds and made their idea a reality. Their main inspiration has always been to create a brand and products that represent the masculine nature of men and actively take part in the social issues that need the direct and quick intervention of men. Their intention is to create the best roles models out of men (“Urbane & Gallant”).

The company focuses on the creation of products and services that are tailored to suit the needs of the modern day gentleman and also bring out the best features in them. To best illustrate this, the photos of some of their products are listed below.

Suits and jackets Pants Pocket squares Overcoats

The fashion industry in the whole world has not done much as far as corporate social responsibility is concerned because most of the businesses within this sector seem to ignore the impact they could have on their surrounding environment if they decided to do so. Most fashion businesses deem themselves as engaging with the rich only in the society, therefore, forgetting their ability to contribute to the well-being of the entire population. Most of the companies are only interested in getting their designs to the runway and selling them to celebrities and the rich so much that they forget the role that even their workers play in ensuring this happens.

Globalization has brought together so many companies and industries together from different cultures and societies. In the fashion industry, this has caused some positive impacts, as some designers from certain disadvantaged places in the world have been able to convince their counterparts to start giving to charity to help people living in various parts of the world, like Africa. However, there are numerous opportunities for the fashion industry to transform more businesses into B corporations because they deal directly with humans who have great impact on the society and can bring about the desired impact in every community (Capaldi).


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