Continuing Professional Education as Adults

In every professional field, it is mandatory to engage workers in continuing vocational development education. Adult education is one example in which application of the continuing professional development in education is paramount. However, the continuation of education has both negative as well as positive impacts on adult education. This is an influential impact generated by different scholarly journal study about the extension of education as an adult. Based on the imperative reviews, various scholars offer stun condition in school, which they termed to be compulsory. This is criticized by the different professional ethics, which considered stand limit of education as one has completed a particular course (Holuby et al., 2015). Mainly, within the field of medicine and biomedical science, continuation with professional is considered to be compulsory because there exists variation in the field of medicine. The concepts CPD amongst the dose is directly opposed by the study of the (Jacot et al., 2019; McGill & Rocco, 2018) in defining the learning limit of the workers.

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Importantly, the continuation of the adult in education plays a role in motivation in the learning student who tends to pursue different faculties. CPD has positive impacts on learners such that it has significant implications and diverse influences on how the learners learn to handle different topics. It was noted that have a different idea about various issues boost the leaners performances. The concept of CPD is essential where the student does not possess any level of internal motivation; hence, they may require to be motivated by external factors. The consideration of external factors is perceived to be a continuation of education (Long, 2018).

Importance of Continuing Professional Education as adults

Mainly, improving one skill and abilities helps the person and respective organization they work. The basicity of continuing in learning is that it benefits one to take responsibility for one knowledge. The implication of Continuing Professional Education as adults is that it changes times, especially when one does not have a job; thus, they sharpen their understanding. Learning is a continuous process; therefore, everyone needs to readjust so that they keep track of what they were learning a long time ago. However, there are various means in which an individual may develop their skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are though revisiting their old books, hence, furthering in education. Importantly, some of the people may also consider using the website as sources of information such that they learn new concepts through it (McGill & Rocco, 2018). Moreover, as mention earlier in the essay, some of the subjects indeed need readjustment, notably mathematics, chemistry and medical concepts. For every technical course, it is advisable for every to do more research about them, thus, boost their memories.

Similarly, the need for Continuing Professional Education as adults is that it enables the majority of the people to improve their skills in more diverse manners. It can also help the professional individual to build self-confidence, in the compatible market. In every competitive job, additional education is required as back-up; thus furthering in training is one of the solutions. Besides, facilitating in education sometimes also helps in ensuring that the individual has in-depth knowledge as well as understanding about the teamwork, and good rapport within the different forms of the office layout. However, Continuing Professional Education as adults is also important such that it makes individual to be more knowledgeable in terms of management within the organization.

Furthermore, in terms of learning improvement, Continuing Professional Education as adults helps in many ways. It enables one to meet their professional career needs, and it acts as a tool which is used in reinforcing theory, especially areas that demands research works. Moreover, many people tend to seek different forms of jobs, which need one to be shrewd when handling; thus, having additional idea help them to solve relevant issues related to course they did. Regarding the phrase which is extracted from the concept of experts have it that learning makes one mature and young in mind (Long, 2018). “I find the visual image helps to embed the learning. It is important to adopt a new form of learning. And if I find that I am struggling with something using the internet to help find different reports which I may find easier to understand.” Therefore, as highlighted phrase above, Continuing Professional Education as adults have more advantage than a disadvantage to adult. Consequently, reports which are obtained from relevant sources observed that consistencies of learning at a certain age merely contribute confusion and sometimes leads to madness.



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