Comparison a day’s coverage of the New York Times and the Houston Chronicle

The New York Times newspaper was founded by a journalist and a politician Henry Raymond in 1851. The first issue date being 18th September same year. The newspaper has gained recognition and won media prizes worldwide. On the other hand, the Houston Chronicle was founded in 1901 approximately 50 years after the New York Times. The founder is Marcellus Foster. The media companies have stayed relevant since inception and still growing and expanding the daily readership circulations.

The New York Times newspaper draws its ownership from The New York Times Company. This company owns other newspapers and television stations in the United States of America. The Hearts Corporation owns The Houston Chronicles and other major business corporation in Texas and other towns. The New York Times newspaper mainly focuses its reporting on sexual accusations and political state of the country. With its countrywide coverage, the paper is considered a national newspaper reporter and the news disseminated bears higher weight to the public and the administration.

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On the contrary, Houston Chronicles centres it reporting on current affairs and significant issues affecting Texas and Houston town. Research by Nielsen Scarborough indicated that the majority of newspaper readers are of 50-69 years of the age group. These newspapers take different news headlines with significant consideration of their targeted audience and news scope. For instance, on 22nd June 2019, the New York Times published sexual accusation against president Trump with the headline” Trump Emphatically Denies Sexual Assault Allegation by E. Jean Carroll,” (Zaveri, 2019) while the Houston Chronicles headlined the same news on the same day as “Trump denies knowing NY woman accusing him of sexual assault. “ (Superville, 2019).

The New York Times mostly covers materials that are full of political agenda in the USA and around the world. Some of such news include, the April 19th, 2019 complete coverage of the Mueller Report and the 22nd June 2019 report on the attempted Ethiopian coup that leaves the army chief dead. Reading through this newspaper highlights in a political scope, and specifically, the two cited, it is worth deducing that the New York Times newspaper takes a Liberal political slant. However, the Houston city-based newspaper, the Houston Chronicles material coverage on the same articles and other series of news, deduce it like a newspaper that focuses majorly on material news that is Texas-based rather than the America and the world. Major articles that concentrate on the city of Houston Texas include, the abortion position of the Jewish, the charge against former probation officer on adoption efforts, the political endorsement of Senator Harris for presidency in 2020 by Congressman Al Green, the renovation of parking garages around Houston city and the yes or no debate on OPEC oil production. Politically analysing their debates and news articles, the company takes the left-wing political slant.

The daily newspaper circulation of 22nd June 2019 for the NYT and the Houston Chronicles address issues of sexual accusation against president Trump and the African affair of the attempted coup in Ethiopia. The primary newsmakers are the US president, the Ethiopian army chief, E. Jean Carroll-the lady accusing trump of sexual assault, the prime minister of Ethiopia and others. These personalities are adults of over 18 years of age and African and American origin. The New York Times editorial page and the team are continuously transitioning their news coverage to the whole of the United States and the world (The New York Times, 2019). As the second largest newspaper media industry, it is considered by many nationals as the foundation of the media fraternity and thus entrusted with the responsibility of informing the nation and the world on current news. It has increased investment in reporting of world news giving it the ability to sell advertisement ads of international status. It advertises local and world larger retail shops for jewellery, clothing, major TV programs- Hollywood and Nollywood movies, online article sales sites, the Amazon business and the list is endless. This New York Times Company has developed over the years to the world’s best news reporter with honest communication of occurrences.

However, the Houston chronicles are still developing on how to gain international and national recognition. It is the regional media industry with a focus on the audiences of Houston city and Texas. It commands a smaller audience as compared to the New York Times. This smaller audience dictates the type of editorial page it commands. The editors are mainly focusing on news that revolves around the city of Houston in the state of Texas with very little coverage of world news. They thus, fix their advertisements to include large local retailers trading in goods and services within its state and to a smaller extent, advertising world business with Texas bases (Houston Chronicles, 2019).

Finally, these two newspaper industries are dominant in the media news coverage enjoying several years of operation. They individually produce materials that best fit their target audience. They have carried auto an audit on their expected audience and use these statistical research values to determine news headlines and daily reader’s circulation. Additionally, they have a broader following in the regions where they dominate. These newspapers have a healthy political slant, and this determines the direction they take in reporting news.



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