Community Health Concern: Diabetes

Across the world currently, there has been a rise in health issues. Unlike the previous years, the number of people who have been for instance suffering from diabetes has increased in the last ten years. The doctors and the medical experts have suggested that the foods that people are taking currently are the leading causes of the health problems we see today. In this paper, I will look at diabetes which is a significant concern in my community.

Diabetes is a disease that is associated with an increase in the amount of glucose in the blood. Medical experts suggest that blood glucose is the primary source of energy in our bodies and comes from the food we take. It is also said that a hormone known as insulin which is produced by the pancreas helps in converting the glucose from food into our blood cells to be used as energy( Eizirik, D. L. et al.2005). However, having too much glucose in the body may be harmful to the one’s health. Now that doctors have stated that diabetes has no cure, they have also said that people who have diabetes can use several steps to manage that condition and stay healthy. However, diabetes has two forms. There is type one diabetes and type two diabetes. In type one diabetes the body does not make insulin. This type of diabetes is currently being identified in children and young adults, but it can also appear at any age. Doctors have advised that people who have this type of diabetes are supposed to take insulin every day to stop an attack by the disease which at times when it strikes it claims a life. Either way, if one is a victim of type two diabetes, the body does not make or utilize insulin in the right way.

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Moreover, diabetes can also be caused by a lot of weight or being obese. In particular, diabetes type two is usually caused by cell resistance to respond to insulin. This leads in damage to the beta cells in the pancreas, In fact, the medical experts on diabetes have indicated that around 50% of the beta cells are usually damaged before the diagnosis is made. They have also stated that one has a high probability of getting diabetes if there is the history of diabetes in their family. Research has also indicated that there those people who are of the middle age or older have a higher possibility of conducting this disease. Those people with high blood pressure are also said to have a higher likelihood to suffer from diabetes. In my community, this disease has been affecting the young people. This condition has been strange because some years back this disease used to attack the old age people due to their weak immunity.

However, there have been efforts by medical experts to curb this disease. According to research which was conducted by the world health organization, there is no specific cure for this disease. However, doctors have been working on measures to ensure that they give a way to manage this condition. In my community, the doctors have provided the following steps that have been effective in preventing the attack of this disease. First, have advised that people should do more of physical activity. This is because they argue that physical activity can help one reduce weight hence reducing the chances of being attacked by this disease since its more prone to those people who are obese. Physical activity can also lead to a lowering of blood sugar. The medics say that glucose is broken down into energy during physical activity. Physical exercise also boosts the sensitivity of someone to insulin which balances the blood sugar.

In a bid to prevent diabetes, they have advised the people to feed more on fiber. According to the medical experts, fiber reduces the risk of one to suffer from the disease by improving the blood sugar control. It also leads to weight loss because one feels full most of the times. Diabetes experts have also advised that people should see the doctors regularly for checkups. The American diabetes association has recommended people to who are of 45 years and above to undergo blood screening. This will reduce the chances of someone suffering from this disease.

In conclusion, diabetes has been on the rise and it the high time for each of us to be conscious of this disease. Statistics conducted by the world health organization have stated that so many people have lost their lives because of this disease. There has been a lot of arrogance among the people from the food we take to the physical exercise. This has contributed 50% to deterioration of our health. It is therefore advisable that people follow the measures given by the doctors to stop this disease from spreading.



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