Colorado River Basin Paper

Give a research of the Colorado River Basin (including states impacted by its drainage). The Colorado River is considered an exotic stream for a reason.
A river basin is a wide region of land from which water flows as it makes its way to the main river. The Colorado River Basin is the region that surrounds the Colorado River, according to the description. The Colorado River is a vital source of water. It is situated in the United States’ South Western regions. Since it passes over vast lands and arid regions, the Colorado River is a unique source (despite the fact that its headquarters are in places with a lot of water). The river travels a distance of about 2317km, and this justifies it being exotic as it travels far from its headquarters qualifying it to be foreign.

Some of the regions upon which the drainage of the Colorado River impacts include Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona and some parts of Utah. The Colorado River passes through all of these states, facilitating their experiencing of the effects of its drainage including having major effects of the agricultural aspect of the areas.

What factors are reducing the water inflow to the Colorado River?

Changes in discharge with distance downstream; The Colorado River originates in a region that is humid then goes ahead to flow in an arid area. Subsequently, it leads to decrease in the flow as the river flows downstream. It so occurs due to high levels of evapotranspiration rates. The distance between the river body and its source. If the distance difference is significant, then the water inflow is likely to be under the influence of the water may deplete in the way through processes such as evapotranspiration. The second factor that reduces the inflow of water into the Colorado River is the withdrawal of water from the upstream by humans for their personal use. This act is significant to the water inflow because it occurs at the upstream. The third factor that influences the inflow of water to the Colorado River is drought. The fact that the river flows through arid areas contributes to this factor. As the river flows through dry areas, the water level decreases due to factors such as evaporation and evapotranspiration.

Do political and economic forces play a role in planning for the river and its dependent region? (If yes, explain) Who are the stakeholders (interested parties) and why are they, stakeholders?

The government of the United States should be responsible for planning for the river and its dependent regions. It is because the United States government is the overall authority governing the entire area that the Colorado River covers and as such, it should be responsible for overseeing issues related to the river. The government should engage in activities such as signing treaties such as The Colorado River Compact. The stakeholders in the issue of planning for the river and its dependent regions are the states through which the river passes. Each of the state strives to gain control over the part of the river that flows through their land and manipulate it in their way regardless of the fact that whatever happens at each stage of the river affects the entire process of the flow of the river. The stakeholders in the issue also add up to the interested parties as they are those with interest in managing the river activities.

What do you think needs to happen?

About the management of the Colorado River, since it is the main water supply in the whole of the area, its flow and control should be put into serious consideration. There should be an overall management for the Colorado River which is the government. It should then delegate the duties to the stakeholders on how they should participate in issues regarding management of the river projects. It would help as each state would report to a general higher authority and will be under the compulsion to manage the river and the river projects properly such that those who may interact with the water downstream are not under effect.

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