Color red

I love colors. They are expressive like real emotions. Colors provide us with some sort of ingenious way to look at our own existence. Different people have diverse opinions about different colors, but I love red. To me, red color is a kind of energy booster. I believe that this color fires my every hope for higher limits by flowing like blood through my every vein; it makes me feel alive.

The color reflects the personality of a person as well as their mood and cognitive performance of a person. I think every person is asked about his or her favorite color by others, maybe, because the perception of a specific color helps in understanding one’s personal features. I believe that red expresses my character – unique, jovial, vibrant and courageous.

Red usually symbolizes strong emotions: love, and romance, or hatred. In my life, red represents the intensity of emotions I feel in different life situations. It embodies the love I have for my family, the way I hate stereotypes and egoism. The color is not my only favorite, but I associate it with being energetic, outgoing and cheerful. When one walks in a forest, it is usually all green; however, there will always be a red spot somewhere of a blossoming flower. This unique spot usually draws the attention of everyone; thus, red is nice and pretty, but most importantly, a vibrant color.

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I perceive myself as a hardworking person who can sacrifice anything to achieve my goals through firm dedication. It is like turning a piece of iron into red through continuous heating before crafting it into the desired shape. Thus, the color red is a hope for me. I am aware of the many opportunities in life, and I believe one can get them if one is persistent. I embrace new and challenging situations with enthusiasm and courage until I succeed.

My passion for being a leader and always stand out among other people significantly helped me to survive in school. Being the oldest child, I had no peers to support and guide me. In school I was faced with mixed emotions; however, my bravery to adjust to the changes, as well as my hard work in class, made my parents proud. My persistence exists because of the fire within me that boosts my morale and confidence, and that gives a color to my dreams and hopes. The color red expresses my passion, confidence, vibrancy, and courage to face different situations and emotions experienced in life.

The importance of color psychology is taken for granted by most of the people. Color signifies is directly related to the emotions/mood, personality, or even the cognitive fervor of a person. A color makes it easy for us to understand a person and even his philosophy of life. To me, the color red conveys everything from my side, but only to those who understand its theory. Red soft cheeks, red lipstick, red roses, red dress, sunset, and red wine possess some kind of uniqueness that invokes inimitability of the aura, making it special.

My theory is simple. I like red, and I will not shy away to mention that red is the main color in my life. Red is awesome, it is a color of the blood, and blood is the essence of life. Red is life to me because it makes me withstand. Even when there are black clouds; I shine again, and I shine bright like the sun. The color red echoes the visual attire of every emotion and conveys much more than just words.

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