Career Research Paper

The two most interesting careers of choice include working as a medical doctor or as a biomedical engineer. A medical doctor works to diagnose, treat, and follow up patients in a bid to ensure good health. He takes care of the physical, social, and mental aspects necessary for the well-being of an individual. It is, therefore, appealing to me being in a career where one commits himself to ensure the functionality of an individual through good health. A biomedical engineer, on the other hand, is responsible for the design of equipment used in health care to support the management of patients. The most exciting thing about biomedical engineers is the fact that they have to combine both medical and engineering knowledge to come up with devices that are relevant in the medical field and, at the same time, safe for use.

One challenge I am afraid I may experience in the field of medicine is the additional commitment required during studies. It is one of the courses which needs one to study for slightly more years compared to other courses and also deals with the lives of people. I, therefore, will have to learn to be extremely careful and give the best service to patients. The challenge I may experience in biomedical engineering is the need to combine medical and engineering knowledge constantly. I am afraid that I may have too much on my plate and fail to work up to standard.

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My educational experiences in some of the subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, prepare me for both careers. In terms of experiences, I have learned to work with different people and, therefore, better equipped in the field of medicine, an area that requires one to learn how to communicate with people. I have artistic talent and have designed a few things before, including a game toy for children. The skill, in my opinion, is significant in biomedical engineering, which involves the design of medical equipment.

The annual wage for a medical doctor who is a general practitioner is $196,490 per year. For one to become a medical doctor, one needs to do a bachelor’s degree from medical school, which takes four years, followed by between three and seven years in internship and residency. By the year 2028, from 2018, the job market of doctors is estimated to have increased by 7% due to the increasing health demands of the population (Bureau of Labor Statistics). A doctor needs to have a calm and relaxed personality. Many times, doctors are brought to emergency cases where one needs to act urgently. At a point where the doctor is anxious, he or she may not correctly manage emergency cases. A doctor also needs to be honest and be willing to ask for guidance if not sure of something.

The annual wage for biomedical engineers currently stands at $95 090 annually. For one to be a biomedical engineer, he or she has to do a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at any accredited university (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Due to the increasing use of technology in various fields, including the medical field, the job outlook is expected to continue growing over the coming years. The growing health needs of the population are also a positive factor in enhancing a better job outlook in the career. The required personality in this field should encompass persistence, humility to accept correction, and hard work. Medicine and Biomedical Engineering thus remain the two most exciting career fields in my case.


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