Career Preparedness

According to the article written by Kalantari and Khalili (1), persistence and work, ethics are important aspects of career progression, mainly in light of the continuing transformation in the knowledge economy. The article states that the combination of both curiosity and persistence can be an important predictor of the employee’s success in the current competitive economy. Persons can be complex creatures (Kalantari and Khalili 3). Anguish and hope can both coexist to create something truly amazing. Persistence is not just about taking an easier road, evening though some employees can make achieving success seem easier. In career, persistence is to maintain optimism and know that, no matter the prevailing circumstances, your dreams can still be accomplished.

The article highlights the importance of work ethics in career progression. Work ethics is the attitude that an individual has towards their career. When employees maintain a high degree of work ethics they earn the respect of others. Poor work ethics will mean that employees can even get fired because of the inability to perform their tasks as required.

Combining both work ethics and persistence can have a positive impact on an individual’s performance and the relationship with the team. If an employee is determined, persistence focused and exhibit all the factors that affect work ethics, they can create better growth opportunities (Kalantari and Khalili 5). There is a direct relationship between maintaining high-level work ethics and the benefits that such an individual can receive. For instance, if an individual consistently strives to improve the skills and meet the expectation, they will have greater opportunities to advance in their career. The strong work ethics includes completing the assigned tasks on time, being an honest team member, accepting additional responsibility when the need arises, treating other employees with respect, maintain professionalism and being responsible (Kalantari and Khalili 2).

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The value of ethics guides the decision the employees make. Making any decisions that are unethical can hurt an individual’s career. Remaining true to an individual’s values can bring benefits to the career. The work ethics can go to a great extent in strengthening the bond between managers and employees at the workplace (Kalantari and Khalili 2). As leaders, it is important not to exploit workers by treating them like machines. The management ought to ensure that workers feel secure about their career and jobs. Any form of discrimination goes against the virtue of ethics and can destroy the teams.

PowerPoint notes

Whether an individual is in college or it is their first formal employment, persistence and work ethics can enable them to make greater achievements in the future. The qualities of persistence and work ethics include the following:

  • positive attitude
    • being a team player, considerate and respect others
    • being mindful when you step back and when you lead
  • adaptability
    • being open and flexible to change
    • asking others for help when necessary
  • professional behavior
    • being courteous and friendly to all individuals around you
  • dependability
    • being punctual at all times and giving a notice in case the schedule is changed
  • burning desire
    • being persistent means there is no room for excuses
  • inner confidence
    • persistent persons are forced to overcome all issues to make sure their dreams are achieved
  • commitment to lifelong learning
    • persistent persons continuously learn new skills


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