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Since the field of technology undergone a big transformation, the corporate world has also advanced to a new stage, and most business processes have been simplified as a result of numerous advances and developments. The whiteboard, for example, is a prime example of a technological system that has aided most organisations’ procedures and activities. As a company dealing with global products and services, this is the exact item we require as an organization to effectively integrate the analog markers with the digital technology for active operations of services.
Teaching and presentation of projects during business meetings require the use of robust and more powerful tools to ensure efficiency and performance optimization. More so, we still need to integrate both the analog and digital technologies to produce an efficient and reliable means of performing certain operations within the business setup. The ceramic interactive whiteboard provides the ultimate solution for all needs of activity regarding the presentation of projects, meetings, and interactivity. Additionally, the whiteboard is effective for training new workers and conducting corporate meetings that require high-level presentations.
Incorporating this technology into the business operations will mean a major improvement in most if not all business processes and transactions of the company. The product is designed in a manner that fits all the business need and meets the sustainability requirements for any interactive whiteboard system. The system aims to offer efficient services while maintaining the safety of the surrounding. Throughout its life cycle process, environment-friendly products are used to ensure that the final product is not hazardous to the surrounding and the users. That is to say; the interactive whiteboard is made up of safe products, therefore; users do not need to be worried about critical components like radioactive materials that may be harmful to them.
Electronic Whiteboards
How do they Work?
The electronic whiteboard is a large interactive board that allows users to connect to their computers and display the contents of the computer to the board. These contents can, therefore, be seen by a multitude within the room. The user can control and operate on it using a special pen or a finger for some specialized whiteboards that are sensitive to touch. Using this method for presentation is more convenient since the user does not need to use a mouse and perform a variety of mouse clicks to a successful operation. The simplicity, interactive and convenient nature of the electronic interactive whiteboard makes the technique more famous, and it has been integrated with several businesses to ease business services. Additionally, the whiteboard allows connection with multiple computers for faster transmission of information. Interactivity is also a core value of this hardware device, a feature that contributes to its popularity amongst businesses and learning institutions.
Problem Statement
The issue of convenience during corporate business meetings has posed as a major challenge in the company for some time now. As a global and world class business corporation, there is the urgency to implement and incorporate reliable methods of performing business presentations during business meetings and training of employees. Conducting presentations using computers and laptops can be quite cumbersome at times since they involve movements which may cause fatigue to the presenter. This issue needs to be resolved immediately to enhance performance and make work easier for the employees and broadcasters. The only way we can improve performance issues and presentation problems during meetings are by using the interactive whiteboard technology. The following are some of the recommendations that we can use as an organization to improve our business performance using the interactive whiteboard technology
Ēno Interactive Whiteboard
This interactive whiteboard was designed to integrate both analog and digital multimedia makers into a single platform. The result of this integration is a rich, flexible and interactive whiteboard that fulfills all the needs of the business. This simple system gives a wide display of features that promotes active learning and interaction within the room. Moreover, it improves the learning ability of the trainees since it supports the adoption of new learning techniques through its active communications. Active involvement is also a key feature of the system, and it ensures that everyone within the meeting fully participates without discrimination. This way, business meetings of the organization will be transformed into lively, active and interactive sessions where everyone can effectively learn and share business ideas. One advantage of ēno is that it is designed to provide business needs while maintaining sustainable and collaborative support systems. The components are the environment and human-friendly thus we will not have to be concerned about dangerous chemicals that may lead to harmful health effects on users.
Panasonic UB
This is another type of interactive white board that the organization may consider using. The board is quite convenient as it provides an option of using touch fingers display and execute instructions. Its sensitivity to touch inputs is what makes Panasonic a reliable and easy to use technology for learning and interactive sessions. This device provides a robust and vibrant display of information suitable for business meeting and training purposes. However, the whiteboard is not compatible with other operating systems such as Linux though this is a feature that can be modified according to user needs and specifications. Panasonic UB interactive whiteboard is the ultimate solution for the company if there is the need for a robust, rich, interactive and touch sensitive whiteboard.
The Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboard Technologies
Several benefits are expected from the implementation of the interactive whiteboard in the business operations like training workers and conducting corporate business meetings within the organization. The use of electronic whiteboards during corporate meetings will be the ultimate solution to issues related to time management within the company. This technology is efficient and easy to set up hence there will be less time spent in the configuration of systems for the process. Other than saving time, this device is quite efficient in enhancing collaboration amongst team members. Effective collaboration during meeting sessions allows the team to take part in the processes through contribution and sharing ideas. Also, visual learners within the team will be able to learn more efficiently through the use of whiteboards. This improved learning system will lead to an increase in the company’s gross output and enhance efficiency.
Recommendations and Conclusion
Integration of interactive whiteboards together with other technologies within the business is the ultimate solution for our business problems. Therefore, I propose that we implement this unique technology to improve business processes regarding efficiency and convenience, to reduce the amount of time wasted during meetings and to enhance collaboration that will lead to improved learning and performance optimization.

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