Blood Operation

China India and USA have a large population, and therefore its blood operation should be representative of the number of people it has. There strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities that come along with the use of the SAFS matrix. The three countries have different strategies to eliminate the low supply of blood in health care centers.

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In the united states, this is a very developed country with excellent health care centers, but it is essential to note that the country just like any other benefit from blood donation to replenish the need for blood for those who need it. It might be developed in terms of health care facilities, but blood must be donated to have enough for those who need it (Kralievits, Katherine E., et al.2015). The country has its strengths and opportunities in developing the best hospitals, but its weaknesses dwell in appoint where the people involved do not want to give blood to the health care centers.

India has highly populated the need for blood might be high but also the people willing to give this blood are many, but the problem comes from within. This means that people who need blood can get it, but the infrastructure and healthcare facilities are not in support of what they need (Mishra, Shailesh Kumar, et al., 2016). It is safe to say that the health care facilities are failing the Indians from receiving the best health care.

In China, the situation is different from that of the USA and India, there is both good infrastructure and enough population for blood donation but there is a relatively low awareness of about blood donation (Shi, Ling, et al.2014) The selection criteria for blood donation is ineffective and therefore does not meet the demand for blood in the market.



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