Black hearts is a gripping book

Black Hearts is an engrossing novel that tells the timeless tale of the Iraq war and how humans were reduced to animals. It also explains the assistance offered by the United States Army. This book is about leadership, mainly poor leaders and leadership skills. It looks at a scenario in which military leadership is defeated and crooked government renders the situation a tragedy. Leaders are greedy and they do not listen to their subordinates, which undermines the collective unit rather than the enemy’s weapons. The Bravo Company that was at war first with the Al Qaeda had poor leaders due to their disagreements and lack of comparison. Colonel Tom Kunk who forced the troops to step on the improvised explosive devices that led to their massive killing as they tried to kill to save vehicles. Despite the murders, Colonel Tom continued asking for more soldiers rather than getting a solution on how to protect his subordinates. The soldiers also lacked uniform as well as proper healthcare, which made them vulnerable during wartime.

For instance, Battalion Commander refused to listen to his juniors but instead abused them and mocked them while they shared their ideas on how to fight the enemy. These soldiers died more frequently due to lack of cooperation as well as betrayal by their leaders. Colonel Tom Kunk fought over land, which they were attracted to polish and split rather than their subordinates’ death. Colonel Tom betrays his colleagues and ends up losing subordinates due to his poor leadership quality. According to Frederick, each leader has an obligation to listen to their juniors to help each other in war (Drummond, 2011).

However, leaders from platoon were not any better as compares to Bravo Company as they also watched their juniors die as well as killing innocent Iraqis. General Ray Odlerno, one of the leaders, commanded the troops to stay in darkness while waiting for the terrorist. He also commanded them to arrest all the aggressive males who are young and energetic as evidence enough that they have been able to capture the terrorists.

General Ray opposed the release of these men since he claimed that they were involved in raping women and killing them. These leaders were more dangerous than the Iraq civilians as they joined the abuse group pretending to help them. Platoon leaders who were second after the Battalion were more violent and merciless. Sergeant James raped an Iraqi woman and together with his colleagues, they hidden the body.

However, Steven Green was aware of the action. Thus, he was recommended being uncooperative in Iraq thus leaving for America. This was as the result of revealing the true to other sergeants. Despite their selfish interest and pleasure, the commanders were not of good character to protect the individuals but rather to be helpers from United States Army.


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