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Thermo Soles are designed to provide heating and cushioning to keep customers cozy and relaxed throughout the winter. After plugging in the thermal soles, they can do more than just heating the feet since they are designed to sense the temperature of one’s feet and adapt accordingly (Best Rechargeable Heated Insole, 2017). Thermo Soles are intended to keep an individual’s body warm for about eight hours on a single charge. They are made up of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, a convenient storage shell, and a charging adapter. Thermo Soles are made with customer in mind to ensure that he or she does not spend her day, uncomfortable due to cold (Best Rechargeable Heated Insole, 2017).

During winter one should ensure his or her feet stay warm since as long as the feet are warm other parts of the body will also be comfortable. Many health benefits come with the use of thermo soles such as:

Thermo soles will ensure one stays warm whenever he or she is sitting down to relax

They will avert urinary tract infections colds from emerging as usual during cold months

The products are washable, and most of them are hand wash only meaning they are not expensive to maintain

Thermo Soles are fitted on the feet, but they can perfectly distribute the heat to ensure the whole body is warm

Thermo Soles are incorporated with high-performance rechargeable battery to ensure the owner does not stay cold at any given moments

Thermo Soles are perfectly made to ensure there no annoying cables that can make the consumer uncomfortable (Evensen, Raanaas, & Patil 2013)

The business is estimated to cost $30,000, and voluntary shareholders will own the company (Beesley 2017). The marketing and advertisement will be done through online platforms, television, radio, and other media platforms (Pitta, 2017). The target market for the company will be baby boomers as well as the young generation who wants the health benefits associated with thermo soles. The batteries can be charged for about 500 times, meaning it has a lifespan of about five years without replacement. The insoles are lights to make sure the consumers are comfortable as possible – a single sole weighs 110 grams, and they are 12mm rear thick and 3 mm front (Thermo Soles, 2017). In case a consumer finds that soles are too big for his boots or shoes she or he can trim them to fit his size of the footwear. Thermo soles come with cutting guides to ensure one does not reduce beyond the solid line to avoid damaging the heating elements. The thermo soles are made perfectly for outside work, hunting, ski adventures, fishing, cycling, running, and hiking.

People who want stay warm during winter will be our potential customers. People who like to stay outdoors for an extended period such as fishermen and hunters will be our target markets. The low temperature during winters is the primary cause of frequent cold hence people who avoid it will also be our customers. Through the sales of thermo soles as people want to stay comfortable during the winter will ensure the company continues to earn more revenues hence the investors will acquire their money back. Investors should invest their money as the products will be in high demand as customers want to stay warm, comfortable, and disease free during the winter, therefore, they will buy more of these products.


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