Biology Experiment

This experiment aims to demonstrate the effects of flavonoids found in dark chocolate on the brain cognitive parameter of memory and problem solving. An increase in cognition related diseases such as dementia and cognitive impairment is one of the current leading global public health concerns. As a result, research in both medicine and psychology are aimed at enhancing cognitive performance at early ages. It is predicted that this measure will be important in preventing such impairment. Cognitive elements affected by cognitive impairment include memory, speed and problem solving.

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Flavonoids have been previously used in health management to remarkable positive effects in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Dark chocolate is particularly rich in these compounds and theobromine. Studies have explored the prospect of using flavonoids in the enhancement of cognitive functions including working memory and the preventions of other cognitive impairment. Although speculative, if the effectiveness of flavonoid is established it could be a major development regarding counteracting decline in cognitive functions in individuals as well as in the sustenance of cognitive abilities. The prospect of flavonoid and flavonoid containing compounds having this important role in cognitive management has prompted further investigations to determine its effectiveness is daily activities.

This experiment for instance, gauges the effectiveness of dark chocolate, a flavonoid-containing compound in the enhancement of lumosity performance through enhanced speed memory and problem solving. Lumosity is an online program that offers several games. The games are targeted at enhancing memory, attentions and problem solving among other elements. Scores are based on the ability of the player to memorize previously indicated play patterns as well as the ability to solve problems based on these patterns. Accordingly, the scores are obtained within a timed fashion, hence the lumosity games also assess the speed at which the brain can memorize and solve certain problems. Other factors examined that are not part of this experiment include the flexibility of the player and their concentration.

The consumption of the flavonoid-containing dark chocolate is therefore, predicted to have the ability to enhance the performance index of an individual in playing lumosity. Research indicates that the flavonoids contained in the dark chocolate have neuromodulatory properties that influence brain functioning and the outcomes. This knowledge forms the basis of the experiment. Research has further indicates that the amount of flavonoids in the dark chocolate cannot have adequate pharmacological properties to affect brain function.

Objective of the Experiment

This experiment aims at evaluating the effectiveness of dark chocolate consumptions on memory and problem solving in lumosity performance.


Dark chocolate consumption enhances the memory and problem solving skills in lumosity performance.