Between the world and me: The black community and United States

Different books address the plight of the blacks, the slavery, and the problems the immigrants face in the United States. Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the writers whose books cover a wide range of the plight of the Africans during the slavery period, an extension to the current differences in the black and white community, including the Black Panther, We Were Eight Years in Power, and The Beautiful Struggle. However, the purpose of the essay is to focus on the main idea of the author behind the book Between the World and Me.

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The book Between the World and Me gives a vivid picture and representation of the authors’ life. The book dwells mostly around the fear the author felt growing up. The author shares his life through a memoir to his son informing of his life in America as a black person. In his memoir, he addresses the fear the police inflict on the black community to his son, “the police have been endowed with the authority to destroy your life.” He adds how the police have the power of prerogatives in their duty that entails detaining, beating, and humiliating the black race. Coates reiterates the pain of being black, living like an outcast in the land of the white community. He addresses how the black youth transformed the mistreatment and the fear they received from both the white community and the police into a rage, becoming vicious. Coates elaborates how the feeling he went through at the age of five years after witnessing young boys circling each other threateningly showed him the black bodies are nothing but creatures to fight for everything.

Although the author addresses much on the life of the black community in the book labeling it as a letter to his son, there are however a lot of different interpretations of the book. To begin with, the book is a letter, a memoir to his son; however, in my opinion, the book sounds more like the author addressing the white privilege community. The content of the memoir and the descriptions paints a vivid anthropological outline representing Coates’s life from childhood to adulthood. It is important to acknowledge how the author presented the plight of the black race and the brutality they face from the police, however, the book is also misleading, Coates demoralizes the very black race in the book. He criticizes the parenting of the black race on the advice most black parent gives their children, “to be twice as good as there peer white counterparts to maybe stand a chance in the white community”. According to the book, the author suggests that white children are never given the same advice. Instead, they are probably advised to take twice as much. From observation, the author seems to lament about the behaviors and culture in our community, however, he also sends wrong messages to the community with his notion on white parents’ advice.

In conclusion, the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates as a letter to his son addresses majorly the life of the black race under the umbrella of the white community. He addresses the pain, brutality, and survival instincts the black race develops just to wake up the next day. In the book, the author shares his thoughts about the white community, how they are brought up from childhood to become the oppressors of the black race. The book is well organized vividly presenting the story. Through it, many people all over the world can experience the plight of the black community in the United States by just reading it.