Assignment of Portfolio

These essays were chosen because they were among the best I’d written this semester. These three articles have both self-motivating and informative qualities, in my opinion. Essentially, the essays are about people who want to learn something new or develop new perspectives on things. I based the essays on my own personal experiences and perspectives. The first two essays detail my experiences writing a one-page paper as part of a seventeen-page report and my visit to Panama Beach. The first essay, “Psychology of Writing,” demonstrates how to deal with difficult tasks. Coming up with a one-page paper out of a seventeen-page report was challenging, but I finally did it because I planned well.

In the beginning, I thought I was not going to make it because all the information seemed relevant to me. Therefore, summarizing the report into one page appeared to be an uphill task for me. However, I thought it well to first come up with a rough outline by writing down only important points. This made my work easier as I realized that some of the information which I thought were important were not. Once I had my thoughts on paper, it was now easier for me to make the essay flow smoothly for the better understanding of the reader. Importantly, my friend played a significant role in helping me check on grammar and spelling mistakes. I thus realized that for one to accomplish anything successfully, it is imperative to do proper planning and if possible involve other people to help you.

My second essay is about the experiences I had at Panama beach. In this essay, I also give recommendations for the best places to visit for those who would want to visit Panama Beach. My purpose in this article is to make the reader see the importance of visiting Panama beach. The fact that I have the first-hand experience makes it easier for me to explain my points in a way that is interesting to the reader. In the first two essays, I realized that there were a lot of grammatical mistakes, wordiness, and lack of coherence. I corrected these errors to improve the quality of the essays. Moreover, to ensure that there is coherence, I used transitional words. Furthermore, as a way of reducing wordiness, I made the sentences shorter so that it is easier for the reader to understand the message.

Additionally, the essay is more educative than it is self-motivating. This is because it tells the reader what to do when at Panama beach such as the places to visit and what to be on the lookout for and at what times. For instance, the second essay tells the reader to be on the lookout for dolphins in the evening or early in the morning as these are the times when they are most active. Also, the essay informs the reader that in Panama beach, there is a place called Dolphin discovery where they can have hands on experience with the dolphins. Therefore, the essay is more of an educative essay because it tells the reader what to expect at the beach. This is a clear evidence that it is important to have first-hand information for one to write an excellent informative essay.

The third essay “Ways of Knowing” shows how we can deal with things that we do not have enough knowledge about. In this essay, I try to bring out a picture of a lack of knowledge and the benefits of knowing something. Also, I highlight the different avenues of gaining information and try to explain to my readers how I learned from a young age the importance of budgeting my money. First, I learned from parents, then from trial and error and finally, I had to attend a class so as to increase my knowledge. Without proper budgeting, you may end up spending money on useless things. The most important information from this essay is that people learn from observation and research. With the advancements in information technology, one can easily get information about anything in this world. For instance, I have done a lot of online research about gardening.

In summary, the three essays are informative and self-motivating. The changes I focused on in the essays include grammatical mistakes and coherence. After revising the first two essays, I have realized that they are now captivating than before. I have tried to avoid a lot of repetition as well as used transitional words to keep the audience glued to the essays. Importantly, I have tried to give the audience something which is precise and short. To sum it up, my essays have improved a great deal due to time and practice that I have invested, and this is evident with the revised copies of the essays.

Assignment 1: The Psychology of Writing

My instructor advised me to write a paper about the results of the annual installation which I was assigned. The annual report was a seventeen-page document, and my paper was supposed not to exceed one page. This is where the panic began. Although all the information was in black and white in front of me, I still felt the stress of the writing. Still, I gathered my thoughts to come up with a meaningful paper. Probably the hardest part for me was finding what not only myself, but the command would find significant. I began with reviewing the annual report and just writing down all the major points that I thought stood out. Also, I used the recommendation of colleagues to see what they felt was of importance.

I began pulling out and writing down all the facts that had been gathered through the report, for each of those major points to come up with an outline. After that, I attempted to put the information into a rough draft. At this point, I was not worried too much about the order of the information or the correctness of wording. All I wanted was to get my thoughts out on paper. Once I had everything out on paper, I started to rearrange to make it flow as smoothly as possible and for the best understanding of the reader. I had my co-worker review my paper before starting the final revision and eventually submission. The hardest part for me was deciding between the information to keep and the ones to eliminate as everything in the report I felt was necessary since they had a tremendous impact on the program and installation. Nevertheless, I accomplished the required intent and got the best information possible to the reader.

Assignment 2: Writing Description

The South has so much that one can consider on their first visit. Still, during the summer season, I suggest visiting the sunny sands of Panama City as there is something to keep everyone’s interest regardless of age. For instance, chilling on the beach or visiting the many attractions they have to offer. Also, you can relax with your family as you appreciate the blue sky as it turns into a remarkable light show as the sun sets casting deep colors over the horizons. You can start with taking a romantic sail along the Gulf of Mexico offering the opportunity to sit back and leave all your doubts behind, even for just a couple hours. These cherished sunsets offer you a chance to see some of the area’s extreme sights while enjoying the cool, salty breezes. The Panama City Beach sunsets are memorizing and will take your breath away.

You must be on the lookout for dolphins in the area as these amazing animals tend to be more active in the afternoon or early evening. There is a place called Dolphin Discovery to enjoy hands on experience with the dolphins. This is a facility that specializes in delivering a friendly and individual encounter with dolphins and prepares you for a full day of adventures with these gentle animals. Professional trainers help ensure your experience is top of the line and you get the most out of your time with the dolphins. You will be able to have hands on swimming, among other activities ending with a hug and kiss from the dolphin you had been swimming with. You can opt to go through the self-guided tour of at least 500 displays of the craziest exhibits that will leave you completely dumbfounded and amazed. Thus, these are some of the captivating things that you can spend your time doing in Panama City Beach to get you started.

Assignment 3: Ways of Knowing

With today’s technology, it is easy to have endless information at our finger tips. Rather you can have first-hand experience with traveling to a foreign location, budgeting money or little to no experience gardening you have different avenues to gain the information. Being in the Military, chances are you have had the opportunity to travel to foreign locations. From the moment that you are told of the upcoming travels, you first gather all the information you can from outside sources, mostly from organizations that have previously been there and gone through the same experience you are about to encounter. Then, at some point during the planning process, there will be an advance party that will visit the location to have firsthand accounts of everything you may come in contact with. They will gather information such as what your Rights are in a Foreign Country to what the living conditions will be. Finally, the day comes that you finally make it to the destination and start the participation stage and what may have worked for others you find no longer works for you. Then there are things you must fully participate in as an adult in today’s world to fully understand.

I learned from a very young age about the importance of managing and budgeting your money. Of course, in the very early years, I learned from observing my parents, but it was never a topic of discussion. So when I began to manage my own money and bills, I found out by trial and error and eventually attending classes to increase my knowledge. Learning that not every person’s budget is will ever be the same. When it comes to money though, there is absolutely no lack of ways individuals decide to spend their money. Just a few of many examples being food, rent, savings, a down payment on a property or vehicle, gym memberships, gifts, and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is without participating in the budget process you may never know what works for you because as I said before, the answer is different for everyone. At times there are activities we learn entirely from observation and research.

Now for those of us that do not have a green thumb, like myself, gardening is just not something I have found to come easily or at all. I have done a lot of online research as well as asking friends just how to have a thriving garden. Depending on the type of garden you’re looking to have, you have to know things like the proper planting time frames, watering requirements, and soil fertilization. Every planted item you wish to plant has various demands that come with it.

In conclusion, I have found that over the years any activity I have taken part in, began with observation, but with gained interest lead to some sort of participation.

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