An individual has different body appearances based on their sex and their nature of life in society.

Individuals have varying body appearances depending on their sex and the quality of their life in society. However, a number of publications have been produced to expand on the understanding of culture and its impressions of people. Zines are, however, written in various formats with the aim of passing a specific message to the public. In the long run, several types of input are generated by the audience, indicating the degree of satisfaction achieved by reading the content. In most cases, zine is generated at reasonably low cost by an individual or a group of persons under their interest. Zines targeting the context body-shaming is often published in the current era with the celebrities being the primary target of these publishers. Despite the fact that various laws are discussing privacy and the need to respect someone’s rights, these magazines aim at making significant profits from their publications and audience. Conversely, the female population is the highest targeted public with the zines discussing their standards of living and the movements that they often make in society (Hassel). Feminism is a significant debate topic in various vines; the misconception is invoked as a way to try and derail the discussion about gender inequality in society.
Additionally, Hassel further states that the publications about feminism have significant hate of men, which is also a similar context in the maxim piece. There is a need to have equity in the publications with the authors having to reduce the issues of having a particular gender as a dominant figure. In the long run, these zines will push for misunderstanding in society with people failing to show efforts of respect to their peers of a different sex. In addition, Maxim demonstrates that the male population in society is irresponsible and could do well with their organs cut off, which further demeans the presence of men in public. Recognition of any individual should be provided irrespective of the person’s gender and status.
The zines discussing body shaming may play a vital role in the issues of immorality in society as the children may use it as an opportunity to encounter with inappropriate words. In the long run, these publications will affect the interpersonal skills of an individual. The failure to present better presentation skills in society acts a hindrance to the attainment of particular goals and also have the chance to showcase the skills that they possess. Therefore, the publication companies need to find an appropriate market to sell their ideas with the intentions of saving the young generation.
The concept of providing positive information about the society that we live will have a significant impact in the context of realizing moral development. For instance, the readers will continually offer positive feedback on how best the public can improve their ways of living and health status. Alternatively, the zines discussing body-shaming will increase the levels of hostility that is present in society. In the long run, a series of lawsuits will be filed in courts with the demand of the publishing company to make an apology about their publications with reflecting the offended party. Therefore, it is advisable for any author to focus on productive topics when presenting their products to the market as it will reduce the level of anger that some parties may raise with the link to the contrary pieces of information that has been published.
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Hassel, Christie Launius, and Holly. Threshld Concepts in Women’s and Gender Studies. New York: Routledge, 2015. Print.

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