An Advertisement on the Volkswagen’s Amarok

Volkswagen’s impressive sale of the Amarok luxury wagon attributes to the effectiveness of the company’s recent advertisement on the vehicle. the corporate has designed a billboard that has exciting and attractive features showing the individuality of this new pick-up within the market (Creative Bloq Staff). At an equivalent time, the ad portrays the power of the posh wagon to perform on various grounds with different driving requirements. Also, Volkswagen depicts the wagon as a sustainable vehicle thanks to its fuel-efficiency. With the audience being the purchasers from different parts of the planet , Volkswagen designs the ad to suit various regions, climatic and weather, and vehicle-use purposes. The advert comprises of the luxury wagon and redesigned car-key groves. Every aspect of the ad communicates an essential idea to the audience about the vehicle.
Thesis Statement
The Volkswagen Amarok advertisement uses a couple of images to invite the customers to “turn on their adventure” through experiencing the superior performance of the vehicle at a relatively low fuel cost.
Description of the Advertisement
The ad Volkswagen’s Amarok advertise appears online websites such as blogs and YouTube and also on various TV channels. It targets to reach the motor customers in various parts of the world where Volkswagen Company has established. Furthermore, the ad aims at introducing and marketing the “superior” vehicle which is a product of the famous German Automotive Company. Therefore, the ad comprises of different features depicting the model and performance of the vehicle and also others linking it with the requirements of the vehicle customers. This designation enables the ad to appeal in various ways to the intended audience. Many motor customers check for features such as fuel efficiency, the type and the ability of the engine, type of drive, safety, speed, and performance on different grounds. These features are addressed successfully in the ad as its initial purpose.
Analysis of the Advertisement
The Volkswagen’s Amarok advert comprises of a couple of rhetoric appeals. As a result, they are designed to persuade the customers to buy the vehicle. The ad also has a tagline: “Turn on your adventure. Over 600 miles on a single tank Volkswagen Amarok.” The tagline also helps in outlining the ability of the vehicle as well as its fuel-efficiency.
The Amarok advertisement is presented in a way to convince the customers into believing about the superiority of the vehicle. Firstly, by linking the brand name with Volkswagen, the ad instills respect to the audience (Edlund 1). Volkswagen is primarily known as a giant automotive manufacturer with numerous superior vehicle brands in the market. Secondly, the ad has the Volkswagen logo on its left side. This design works to convince the viewers, even before reading, that the vehicle is a Volkswagen’s product.
The advert uses the art of persuasion in reasoning to convince the customers on the efficiency of the vehicle to perform well at a minimum cost. The tagline of the advert says, “Over 600 miles on a single tank Volkswagen Amarok” (Motoring). In the sections, “600 miles” and “single tank” shows how the vehicle can travel for long without using too much fuel. Also, the car key groves are designed to depict the mountainous landscape, safari view, and city (Creative Bloq Staff). This communicates about the strengths of the Amarok wagon to operate efficiently in different places. The mountainous landscape portrays the ability of the wagon to drive over rough roads and uneven grounds (Motoring). The Volkswagen Amarok has a 4Motion all-wheel drive and a 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine which are reliable on the very demanding terrain (Motoring). Thus, the mountainous landscape shows that the vehicle can comfortably drive across various areas (Edlund 2). The city and safari images show that the wagon is a luxurious vehicle which can be used for travels as well as for commercial purposes (Creative Bloq Staff).
Volkswagen Amarok’s advertisement evokes an emotional appeal to the audience through giving them a sense of adventure. By depicting the efficiency of the wagon on various fronts, the ad successfully convinces the audience of its reliability (Edlund 3). With the Amarok wagon, one can drive on different roads, carry commercial goods, and travel with the ease. The advertisement assures the audience of a spectacular and adventurous experience while using the vehicle.
The Amarok advertisement is useful in passing an appealing message to the audience. In this case, the target audience is the customers interested in buying commercial, travel, or luxurious vehicles. Besides, the ad aims at showcasing the efficiency of the Amarok wagon in performing excellently in various places without experiencing difficulties. This works through the designation of the advertisement with images, company logo, and a tagline. These tools appeal to the audience in various ways, thus, compelling them to research more about the vehicle. 
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