Alcohol and Homicide

The rate of alcohol consumption and violence is related to a great extent. According to the research of Robert Nash Parker, alcohol consumption increases the rate of homicide. This relationship is evident in various geographical areas among diverse kinds of people and various races. Besides, the type of alcoholic drink is also a factor in addition to multiple levels of aggregation. Alcohol consumption also varies by age since there seem to be higher homicide rates in areas with higher rates of alcohol consumption.

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Among the intoxicating substances, alcohol is far more involved in more homicides than the other substances. Many of the violent crimes result from excessive drinking, and that most people involved in these crimes are those who overindulge in alcoholic drinks. According to the survey, drinking is common amongst the perpetrators of specific crimes such as sexual assault, murder, and intimate partner violence. The average blood alcohol levels are estimated to be above the legal limit three times, and several assault cases are fatal. The survey indicates that a specific area is more likely to be plagued by gang violence if there is a higher density of alcohol outlets. According to Parker, there seems to be a strong relationship between alcohol consumption and gang behavior. Violence is due to frequent alcohol use and abuse, especially in an area with low employment rates. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and poverty are correlated such that there are higher rates of homicides in areas with extreme alcohol consumption and extreme poverty.