Achievers Youth Program Evaluation Plan


An evaluation plan is very significant in the development and implementation of projects. Evaluation plan creates a solid foundation through which the goal, missions, and objectives of the project can be assessed. Secondly, it assists various stakeholders in a project to define success or failure through the application of accurate tools and reporting. The main goal of evaluation is to create a state of emergency to define how the program has performed under a given duration. This is important in determining what is working and what can be improved.

The Achievers Youth Program is an organization which provides sponsorship art, theatre, and music to young people between the ages of 12-18 years. In addition to sponsoring talented young teens and young children to pursue music, theatre, and arts, it also offers mentorship and leadership programs with an objective of empowering young children who come from the ghettos. The programs aim at mentoring and teaching 300 learners annually. This is in an effort to help young children and teens to keep away from drugs and criminal activities.

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Context and Need of the organization

The main goal of the Achievers Youth Program is to promote talent through art, music and mentorship programs to children between the ages of 12 years to 18 years. The organization has 20 staff members. These include 2 directors, 8 social workers, 3 non-supporting staff and 7 teachers. The business model of the organization is purely a sponsorship program in which the selected students are trained for free. The organization will request for grants from different donors to fund the project. The students will be selected based on criteria such as orphaned students, students that come from extremely poor background and neglected students. The social workers work with the community members to identify the students who deserve the sponsorship. In addition to this, the students are selected based on their talents. The program intends to partner with various organizations so that it can offer internship placement for learners between the ages of 17-18 years upon completion of the program. The program’s office is located in Alabama State.

Needs of the learners

The program is meant to fulfill various learners’ needs. These include providing a safe environment where learners can get mentorship and grow holistically. Secondly, the program is meant to meet the skill gap in the slums through promoting talents. Most young people in the slums turn into criminals after clearing their junior education or high school because they lack any skill that can help them to generate their livelihood. Thirdly, the program intends to promote talents through teaching music, theatre, and art. Promotion of talent is something that is not given much significance in the slums. Students who are not good in class do not get the opportunity to continue with their education. Some of the students end up participating in criminal activities because of desperation.

Evaluation and motivation method of the program

In order to determine the impact of Achievers Youth Program in Alabama slum, various evaluation techniques will be applied. The first evaluation techniques include getting feedback from the participants about their opinion on the program. This will entail sending questionnaires semiannually to all participants to get their feedback. The second evaluation technique involves assessing how the students are able to apply the skills they have acquired during the two-year program. This assessment will determine if the participants are able to utilize their skills in generating a source of livelihood.

Achievers Youth Program will motivate the learners to join the program by giving them certification after the course. Certification is a good motivation tool since it shows evidence of achievement (Gavarkov, Blunt & Petrella, 2019). Secondly, learners who complete the program and are between the ages of 17-18 years will be offered an internship placement in various art and music organizations. In addition to this, the programs intend to implement competition activities through which the best students are given scholarships to pursue their talents at higher education level.

The significance of conducting a confirmative evaluation

In order to asses, if the Achievers Youth program is meeting the intended objectives, confirmative evaluation of the project is very important. Through the evaluation of the project, different stakeholders are able to recognize success and improve on the shortcomings (Salimi & Rezaei 2018). Secondly, evaluation gives the sponsors and other stakeholders an opportunity to determine if the funds directed towards the projected are serving the right purpose. Thirdly, evaluation gives all the stakeholders a chance to get into the same pace (Gavarkov, Blunt & Petrella, 2019). This ensures that all stakeholders involved are fully aware of the progress of the program.


In conclusion, it is important to note that funded projects such as Achievers Youth Program requires accountability and ensuring that the funds are directed toward the intended course. Evaluation of the project plays an important role in indicating the progress and the outcome of the projects. This assists the stakeholders to know what they need to maintain or retain and what should be done away with. Consequently, the stakeholders are able to know if the project is meeting the intended objectives.



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