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What is Engineering for Business Process?
Phase of company Renewal of engineering requires the radical design of the core business processes to increase efficiency, productivity and cycle times dramatically. (French edition, 2012)
Management instruments to be used in this case
Cost and time reduction
Without cellular use, the consumer had to last for 5 days. This time can be reduced to productive control for the better business operation. The advisor who ruled over the cancelation but advised the customer that the image and the reputation of the company should be removed to disturb the company. (Paraguay, 2012) Redesign core processes, often using technology to enable improvements;
The business company should have a technology to key in all the information to avoid messing up and for customer satisfaction to avoid the drama. Relevant to the business process, the customer was assisted by a consultant who told him everything has gone through and when he goes to another branch of the same company, he is told the consultant messed up with the cancellation. For the company to assist him in activating his line, he is told his line has arrears and he doubts. He is again told his line was suspended due to fault on Vodacom’s side which seems to be not true.
Refocus company values on customer needs; this applies as
The Vodacom Blue Route Mall in Cape Town is valued for switching contracts, the customer needs to switch his/her contract that has already expired to prepared
Vodacom Century City Store is valued for technical consultation, the customer went to consult by addressing his/her complain encountered in the mall about his cell phone
Reorganize a business into cross functional teams with end to end responsibility for a process
The Vodacom Blue Mall in Cape town and the Vodacom Century City should be a cross functional team and should have a direct link of connection so that when one gets attended to in the Blue Mall the same data appears in the Century City and they continue where necessary. This will erase the poor mishandling of customers.
Rethink basic organizational and people issues
The issue of the customer on network and contract switching should have been taken seriously and thought about. This is to uphold the reputation of the company. The customer might ruin the image and reputation of the company at greater lengths through complains of concern.
Improve business processes across the organization
The company consultants should avoid null explanations that are not realistic yet they are reluctant to carry out their process well. Being good in notice and not very supportive in direct services ruins the organization. The business process here is very poor as seen in the customer complains of the cancellation making his phone inactive and gets active to receive a notice and then goes off again.
Question Two
Force 1; Role of Environmental Performance in competitive advantage
There is an increasing demand of suppliers’ environmental performance. Each and every company requires suppliers’ environmental performance to achieve its ambitions effectively. Managers have realized the government and consumers require better environmental stewardship. Significantly, environmental performance has an incumbent focus on cost effectiveness, exerts greater pressure on materials departments to seek cost reductions in all materials oriented processes comprising disposal. Environmental performance has mostly majored on areas of chemicals, mining as well as semi conductors.
Force 2; Acceptance of Supply Chain in Competitive Advantage
Following a research conducted, companies depend on their suppliers intensively for competitive success. Considering companies keen focus on core competence, there is a great need for the company to depend heavily on their suppliers for non core activities like new product development via early design and concurrent engineering..
How the Forces Counteract
The two forces together make it tiresome for a company to properly manage and control suppliers based on strict compliance. They both need a more proactive approach. The intensifying interest in integrating environmental practices together with business finding researchers based on ecological sustainability is accomplished through examining traditional commodity strategy development process. The developing process goes hand in hand with the two forces.
A top down communication structure resulting in an integrated business and functional strategy,
No, I don’t agree based on the following reasons; Integration performance with business and functional strategies is a dynamic. It is also a two way process that depends on a number of informational forces comprising of corporate objectives, business unit, functional capabilities, market objectives, competitive pressures as well as customer requirements.

Engineers at Ford struggle to make recycling a practical reality based on the reasons,
The environmental management system is an invaluable resource based in developing objectives. It is also an invaluable in seeking information on supplier capabilities and processes in the research stage of the commodity strategy decision process. While the solution of information technology like integrated databases can assist manage available data, the management system cannot address the design question of what metrics should collect and evaluate. Ford maintains databases on green performance measures for their major suppliers. All the engineers at Ford struggle to create systems that will be significant to capture as well as understand data derived from the surveys and assessments. The engineers target this to make suppliers move towards a low waste and mutually benefit a long term relationship from their services.
Agro-Business Company
This company needs to focus on breaking down its strategies in terms of accounting department, supplying department, the suppliers who bring in products, consumers, there is the government, and the environment as a whole. It needs an operation procedure and full time monitoring.

Question Three
The abuse of Private data of the beneficiaries and recipients that led to Court
Protection of the private data of the beneficiaries and the recipients’ abuse came about when the constitutional court in 2013 declared the contract that SASSA had made with Cash Paymaster Services to administer grant payments on government’s behalf as invalid. (Sakela, 2013)
Ruling of the court
It was declared that the Cash Paymaster Services and South African Social Security are under constitutional obligation to make sure that payment of social grants to grant beneficiaries from the month of April 1st the year 2017 until an entity that differ from Cash Paymaster Services is guaranteed to do so and that a failure will infringe upon grant beneficiaries right access to social assistance under section 27 (1) (c) of the constitution. (Gauri, 2008)

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