A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry that was later directed into a movie by Daniel Petrie Sr. The movie is about the daily struggles of a black family that is in pursuit of happiness. The family has a desire to have a better life in the future that is away from the racial discrimination and economic hardships they are facing. The central theme in the film is dreams deferred. A Raisin in the Sun is a movie that presents to us characters who are aspiring to have a better life. However, the dreams of all the characters in the film are deferred because of the various economic and social limitations they face living in a segregated white neighborhood.

The characters live under the same roof but with different dreams, but it happens that all their dreams are deferred after they go to a war on how to spend a $10,000 payment from an insurance payment. The first character whose dreams are deferred is Claudia McNeil (Mama). Before her husband died, Claudia dreamt of owning a home, but her dreams were deferred when she moved into a small apartment with her family for lack of money. When she got her husband’s insurance money, Mama (Claudia) knew that her dream of owning a home had finally come. However, this was not the case because her dream is postponed after her son; Sidney Poitier loses all the money.

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Just like Claudia McNeil, Ruby Dee (Ruth), Poitier’s wife also has the dream of owning a home. The idea creates many conflicts between Ruby and her husband whose dream is very different. Her dream is first deferred when the family moves to a small apartment due to lack of money. In addition, her dream of becoming wealthy and having a rich family is about to become real until when Poitier loses all the money.

Another character is Sydney Poitier (Walter Lee), who dreams of being wealthy to be able to fend for his family. Poitier worked as a chauffeur and what he earned was not enough. He dreams of having a business, but the dream falls apart. Poitier was given the insurance money the family received from the death of their father to start up his dream business, a liquor store. However, he entrusts the money with a wrong person, Roy E Glenn (Harry), who later on runs away with the money and Poitier’s dream is gone with the money. His dream is deferred, and he is left to pick up the pieces and deal with his family for losing the only money they had to have them live a better life in a safe neighborhood with no racial prejudices.

Sidney Poitier’s sister Diana Sands (Beneatha) also had a dream of becoming a doctor after college, but it was deferred just like the other characters in the film. Her dream was first deferred because she was born colored and in a society that had gender discrimination. Diana really wanted to become a doctor in the family and save them from poverty, but there was no money for her education. When their father’s insurance is paid, she finally knows that her dream is coming true because there is money to pay for her education. However, her dreams are delayed because Poitier lost all the money putting her dream in jeopardy. The insurance money was gone, and so there is no way Diana can become a doctor because that was her only hope for her future.

In conclusion, the film A Raisin in the Sun is about characters whose dreams are deferred because of the social and economic hardships they faced living in a crowded apartment in Chicago. All the characters had the dream of living a better life in the future, but all their dreams are postponed because of a mistake made by one of the family members. Sidney Poitier lost all the insurance money the family has received which led to a postponement of their dreams, yet they thought they were so close to realizing them.