Theatre Arts Play Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A little while back, I had the delight of watching William Shakespeare’s the greatest cherished comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, presented excellently at the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre located on the main street of Los Angeles. When I first caught a glimpse at the presentation space, it was thrilling. To a greater extent, it appears equivalent to a commercial storeroom contrasted to an art room, however taking a walk in, one is remolded into the mystical land of Midsummer. The attractive set, developed by an interior developer known as Luke Smith, became modeled unconditionally out of reprocessed pieces of stuff though having a well-defined liveliness that one would not imagine from second-hand tires including cans. The entire forest is designed out of papier-mâché as well as cardboard rocks. Besides, there is a swing hanging from a branch, being utilized in every part of the presentation.

In the attractive set, a magnificent troupe of dramatic artists plays. When the play begins, Hermia i.e. Sophia Lam gets informed that she is obligated to wed a man whom she absolutely has no affection for, yet the man is in love with this woman. Due to this demand, Hermia alongside her love named Lysander i.e. John Michaelson, develop strategies that will help them disappear into the forest and ultimately be married in a different town. Helena i.e. Jane Donnson, Hermia’s ill-fated companion is thoroughly in deep affection with the man who is pursuing Hermia, who in real sense desires nothing to do with Helena. However, all of them disappear into the captivated jungle, a single couple coming after the other, then what results is clear amusement. With exception of the lovers alongside fairies within the jungle is a set of performers, steered by Bottom (Rick Jones), a team rehearsing to act before the king.

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Every performer is worth noting. However, the show has Donnson as Helena while Jones takes the role of Bottom. The comedic line up of every performer is perfect. Besides, their performance cut-ups are indisputable. Generally, Director Steven Kim has assembled jointly an awe-inspiring show with straightforward sequence adjustments, a precise emphasis, as well as coherence that is both majestic and unsurpassed. There is no single performer who pulls focus when they are not supposed to. Besides, even the slightest of fairies are of the maximum necessity. Moreover, the lighting arrangement of Lily Thomas including the outfit structure of Sam McLean promotes the entire show in its own unique way. I have to specifically outline the lighting as miraculous, with the beams of perfectly fixed spotlights showing off their own noticeable sections in the play. The outfits are particular to every class of performers—fairies, lovers alongside mechanicals and every little thing enhances every entity concerned.

In conclusion, I urge you to go and watch this entire production. At this period of the year, very many theatres are putting on this show. Therefore, I promise you will not come across one quite similar to Los Angeles Repertory Theatre’s presentation. If you desire to escape from a hustle as well as a bustle into a perfect jungle on the main street of Los Angeles, then show up and back up each of these excellent actors. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is presented Fridays including Saturdays at 8 pm while on Sundays it starts at 3 pm over August 15th at Los Angeles Repertory Theatre, stationed at 123 5th St., Los Angeles, 90123.