A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

A leader is an individual who has the authority of commanding or leading a group, an organization or a state. The person has distinct vision, mission and ensures that the people that he or she is leading accomplishes the vision. Leadership is not quite easy as it may seem since one has to consider different factors that are very imperative in ensuring that the objectives or rather the goals are achieved during his or her period as a leader. Moreover, a leader is one who is in control and must show good examples to the people that he or she is leading whether it is an organization, state or a group. This paper is set to discuss the quote, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

The pastor was a true leader to his congregation in the church. He preached to the congregation about what used to be wrong is now considered as right and vice versa of that. The pastor gave an example of the same homosexuals being allowed in the current society. Marriage of the same sex such as homosexuals has now been allowed to the society and it is not regarded as wrong. The pastor is trying to show his congregation the right path to follow and ensuring that they are not corrupted in their souls. Despite the fact that the pastor knew that homosexuality has been legalized in the state, he preached negatively towards that idea by quoting what the Bible says about homosexuals. He created a vision that inspired everyone in the church and then he motivated the inspired people to involve their selves with the vision as a way of accomplishing it. He took this journey knowing that there are difficult choices and consequences that he will experience.

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Additionally, he went all the way with his people in the church rather than just dictating to them what to do. No matter the consequences, he did not abandon his people because he was courageous, passionate, decisive and inspired all his followers. The pastor understood clearly that his words would create a rift amid the congregation in church especially those that had already dissimilar sexual partialities than their selves. He was a true leader since he went down that path despite the fact that the notion about homosexuality might bring criticism upon him but he was determined to tell everyone the truth. The whole congregation knew the truth despite it having affected some of the members who had different opinion on that topic of homosexuals.

A true leader shows the way. The pastor knew that he was going down to a dark path with a group of people who had faith and believed in him but he kept everyone close so that they get to understand what he is happening and know what they want to achieve at the end of the run. A good leader must show the people that he or she is leading how to get the vision. The journey to making the people understand that homosexuality in the society is wrong was tough and had different choices to make and consequences to be experienced but he was always showing the way. He believed in his vision that he was ready to die for it so that the people he leaves behind are able to accomplish it.

In conclusion, the pastor was a true example of a good and true leader who knew the way, showed the way and went down to that path until his vision was achieved. He dedicated his life and was ready to die for the sake of improving the lives of his fellow people in the country by telling the whole congregation the truth. Leadership entails three key aspects, vision, influence and courage. The three aspects have to be integrated so that the leadership can be a success hence realizing a better future since they are dependent on each other.

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